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Doctor Who DVDs 3-8-11

New month, new Classic Who DVDs:

First up, a catch-up DVD from the end of last year’s UK release schedule. The six part Seeds of Doom is one of the best loved stories of the Tom Baker era and features some of the best action in the show’s history.

Extras include a commentary, a making-of doc, a featurette about composer Geoffrey Burgon, and another in the line of my favorite Doctor Who DVD extras, Stripped for Action, focusing on the Fourth Doctor’s exploits in comic strip form.
SRP: $34.98 (you’ll find it cheaper on Amazon)

The second is the new release for the whole world, The Ark from William Hartnell’s final full season and is one of only three complete stories remaining from that season.

While The Ark is not considered one of Hartnell’s highest points, the extras on the disc are all of stellar quality. Along with the commentary and making-of, we get a piece where Peter Purves (who played companion Steven Taylor) talks to Matthew Sweet about filming at the famed Riverside Studios, and a short doc about why some monsters on the show come back time and again and why some others never got off the ground.
SRP: $24.95 (again, Amazon’s cheaper)

Enjoy these, won’t you?


Images: BBC

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  1. Rory Pond says:

    With regard to the cheaper-ness of Amazon’s pricing, allow me to point out how much cheaper Amazon UK’s prices are. I recently purchased 4 classic Who dvds (The Hand of Fear, The Twin Dilemma, Attack of the Cybermen, and Timelash — that’s right, I like the Sixth Doctor, you gotta problem with that?) and Toby Hadoke’s “Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf” on CD from Amazon UK for a total of $55 and change. The same items from Amazon US would have cost $86 (and the “Moths” CD isn’t available, only a download).

    I’m sure more than a few people here are aware how easy it is to convert a DVD player from Region 1 playability to Region-free. Once you’ve got that licked, you just have to learn to wait a little longer for your Doctor Who DVDs and enjoy the extra money in your pocket.

  2. JE Smith says:

    Personally, I think “Seeds of Doom” is overrated, but it’s still a good romp. Look for the bit in episode six where the Doctor (accidentally?) grab’s Sarah’s…. chestage. Haven’t seen “The Ark” in decades, looking forward to re-visiting it.