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DOCTOR WHO Suits Are Even More Stunning on The Inside

Doctor Who fans know there’s at least one swimming pool inside the TARDIS, so you have to imagine there must be a giant walk-in closet or two as well. Think of all the period costumes the Doctors and companions have worn over the years. That’s a lot of very specific outfit changes.

To become your own Time Lord, you’ll only need to buy one of these fashionable Doctor Who suits. These formal outfits are officially licensed by the BBC and have incredible detailing that you’ll have to see it on the inside for yourself.

The jackets range from subtle to full blown TARDIS, but again it’s added pops of whimsy that give these suits their edge. Cosmic bow ties and police box pocket squares are the perfect pairing with the sonic screwdriver of your choosing. The buttons are beautiful works of art that feature a TARDIS or Daleks, but it’s the embroidery on the cuff that really impresses. Embroidered Daleks are too beautiful to exterminate.

While the outside of the suits are understated—like the TARDIS—it’s what’s on the inside that will blow your mind. Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey, the interior silk lining features stunning prints suitable for any everyday Time Lord. Blink, and you might miss magical the elegance of the interior.

With one of these outfits, the only thing you’ll need is to find the right companion to ask to go on adventures through time and space.

Check out more images of the Doctor Who suits in the gallery below and see the full line available now on

Which Doctor Who suit would you wear to travel to another dimension? Let us know in the comments!


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