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Doctor Who and Star Trek Crossover in Comic Form

There have been murmurings about this for a few days, but now it’s revealed to be true! IDW Comics have announced officially today that starting in May, there will be a new limited series entitled “Assimilation2” (or “Assimilation Squared”) that will see the Eleventh Doctor and the TARDIS crew teaming up with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew to take on the collective threat of the Cybermen AND the Borg.

Writing the comic will be the combined efforts of Scott and David Tipton, who do the company’s Star Trek comic, and Tony Lee, longtime writer of the monthly Doctor Who book. Seems like they got the right people to try to make sense of these two seemingly very dissimilar worlds. But hey, the TARDIS can go anywhere, so why the hell not to the final frontier? Art for the series will be done by J.K. Woodward, whose work can be seen in IDW’s Fallen Angels series, among others. Get ready to have your favorite sci-fi worlds collide in May when “Assimilation2” #1 hits stores.

-Kanderson is looking forward to the eventual Q and the Master buddy cop series. Follow him on TWITTER.

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  1. alatari says:

    no… lame… no… mistake… please… no…

  2. Lillian says:

    Well, they can conveniently ignore Frobisher (who showed up at Gallifrey One 23!) and the remark about Star Trek because the comics and books aren’t canon anyway — there are other conflicts and contradictions. That means that this doesn’t introduce the Federation into Doctor Who continuity, which is a good thing. Don’t cross the streams! It’s just commercial fanfiction — fun, but luckily not on the record.

  3. Brian E. says:

    I couldn’t be more excited for this. LOL

  4. Lucy says:

    I saw this on the AOTS crawl and about crapped my pants. I will definitely be checking this thing out.

  5. Erika Ensign says:

    I’d watch/read a Q and the Master buddy cop series. Think I’ll be skipping Assimilation2 though.

  6. Robin Burks says:

    I’m not generally a huge fan of cross-overs, but the possibilities here are infinitely cool. I might have to actually check this out.

  7. GuanoLad says:

    And what about Frobisher the penguin?

    As fun as this idea sounds, if that’s actual cover art then I’m seriously disappointed.

  8. Joe Smith says:


    They’ve already established on Doctor Who that Star Trek is a Television show.

    “What is that? Is that a mask? Is that a Star Trek thing?” – Joy, referring to the Silence in the washroom

    Now as excited as I am for this, they are going to have a bit of explaining to do.

    (I’m one of “those guys” who sees the comic books a canon. Kevin the dinosaur anyone? Anybody? *Crickets* Nope? I’ll just go sit in the corner)

  9. Bex says:

    Literally started shaking all over. It’s the best of both worlds crashing together.

  10. Anyone says:

    Assimilation2? So Borg and/or cybermen.

  11. Aj says:

    This is so potentially amazing there is no WAY it could possibly be as good as i’m imagining (but i’m still excited as shit!)

  12. Missy says:

    HOLY CRAP I just had a giant nerdgasm!!

  13. Livius says:

    Excuse me while I go wake myself up because I must be dreaming.
    This is amazing!!

    Now to dream that my Doctor Who/Tron Fanfic was an official Comic, so I can see The Doctor with Kevin Flynn in the Grid.

  14. Kari2171 says:

    Q and the Master sounds like a perfect buddy cop series. The Master as the almost retired veteran paired with Q, the young hothead. Practically writes itself.