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Do You Really Hate Lana Del Rey? Why?

Several “independent studies” (we know they’re trustworthy — they’re “independent), in lieu of gathering data on the alarming unemployment rate around the country (because that would just be too hard), have determined that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has a sincere, individually-developed opinion on the singer/songwriter/singer formerly known as “Lizzy Grant”, Lana Del Rey.

Everyone now attacking Del Rey for her supposed manufactured musical talent or defending her because they think she’s pretty and has a semblance of talent, along with comedians looking for the new “go-to” hipster-related reference (because the research shows that making fun of hipsters hasn’t yet been done to death), is, according to the research, unable to form feelings about her that weren’t based on what someone else.  It is not possible to like or hate her album “Born To Die” without being influenced by Internet-based snark.

How is that not a single human being can express their true feelings on someone that’s gotten so famous so quick? (Note: Blog Hipster Runoff tried to do so and sounded like a crazy person)

Even after Del Rey was torn apart by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams for her infamous performance on SNL, SNL itself couldn’t make up its collective mind whether to have Kristen Wiig lampoon her on “Weekend Update” or to serve as a sort of “comedic apologist” for her.

Unfortunately, Del Rey represents a delicate balance in pop culture that is absolutely necessary, especially to those who need something to blog about. She’s not Top 40 and yet not Pitchfork-approved either, which, instead of developing a crossover appeal from hipsters and non-hipsters alike, has translated instead to intense bickering between, basically, people who have too much time on their hands and people who have way too much time on their hands (a/k/a “Internet trolls”).   Having ironic feelings regarding Lana Del Rey, as it turns out, is under scrutiny, too, as a satire piece written by Thought Catalog contributor Dave Schilling was subsequently taken down at the request of her publicists (out of everything I’ve written here, that’s something that actually happened because Schilling was writing as if he was Del Rey).

While there was quite a lot of interest in Del Rey before her infamous performance on SNL because she was, again, pretty and made weird video art, NBC anchor Brian Williams, of all people, called Del Rey out for being overhyped and exposed as not having as much talent as some punk kids on the Internet touted her to have. Of course, Brian Williams has never said anything ever that can be contested by anyone and has also been suspected to be the mechanical based apocalyptic incarnation known as Skynet, so it’s natural and required that everyone would just follow whatever he says.

Science says (there’s an 800 number for “Science” if any of you are wondering) that having a sincere opinion at all would upset the order of things in Western Civilization, which, as Science so eloquently and succinctly put it, is “a never-ending cycle of looking for things to hate and then hating them until it’s OK to hate on hating them. You know, just like a big eternal tornado of hate that the world needs to function. That makes sense, right?”

As it is now, Lana Del Rey will go down in history with an asterisk, but done only in appreciation, sort of, right? Beside Del Rey in that asterisk-marked section of history will also stand Zooey Deschanel, even though She & Him is pretty great and she hasn’t really compromised her identity with New Girl on Fox and has only garnered hate from several women because they are secretly jealous of the male adoration she gets, because “independent studies” have concluded that humans are actually genetically linked to sheep more so than primates.  Baaaaa.

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  1. Megan says:

    I don’t appreciate what people are saying about her. Yes, she’s beautiful but if you actually have the attention span to sit down and listen to her lyrics they are powerful and moving. I love her music and her free spirit and if you don’t like her that’s good for you, but keep your rude comments to yourself and let her be her. She might have been nervous on SNL because it’s a big performance and she messed up, but instead of insulting her why don’t you be proud of her. I sure am proud that she came this far in her career and I am happy for her. Every song is a story and her voice is beautiful. Stop with these irrelevant comments.   

  2. T.J. says:

    I actually really like Lana Del Rey. I don’t form opinions based on the internet, especially when it comes to music. If I like the music, then I like it. Why does it have to be that I can’t self govern my appreciation for Lana? I think both of her albums are excellent. Just listened to BtD: Paradise edition on the way to work this morning.

  3. Diana says:

    I think she’s just GREAT. She’s something new, , she sings for those who appreciate this kind of music, for those who like what she likes, so she is NOT another commercial bitch. She really do has lyrics in her songs. And those lyrics variate from a song to another. Most of them are sad lyrics with many metaphors, but she also has funny lyrics, romantic lyrics, she sings what she likes and you can’t blame her for this like she doesn’t blame you for listening rock/rap or any genres you listen to. And talking about her voice… well, she’s unique and again, you don’t have to like her, but is not your right to say her voice sounds bad or like a “Russian striper” ‘ s voice or anythng… she sounds like she sounds and you can like her or not (and this think should apply to every artist). I personally love her.

  4. David says:

    I’ve listened to every single of hers as of yet released and without reading anyone else’s opinion of her either…my verdict is that she’s an affected voice that doesn’t really say anything and when she attempts to convey emotion her efforts ring plastic because there isn’t any there to begin with. She’s a corporate con artist with a lot of money behind her, and the only way I could overlook this fact is if her music was anything to write home about…it isn’t and in fact it’s soulless faux art drivel. Yeah I get it, many think she’s pretty, whatever, her music makes her ugly to me. Flush.

  5. Logan says:

    I have no problem with her look like most people; you want plastic surgery, have at it. I don’t even have a problem with the fact that she’s apparently put together by someone other than herself. I just don’t think she’s a good singer. Her songs sound like she just decided to put random sentences together to see if they would sound good. They make no sense whatsoever and frankly, I have no idea what they’re about, no matter how much I think about it. I know pop lyrics are meant to be stupid, but these songs are EXTREMELY stupid.

  6. Rachel says:

    Her songs are amazing but she can’t sing live.

  7. Drew says:

    I absolutely adore her music, and in every interview I’ve seen with her, she seems really sweet and genuine. Who cares if she’s had cosmetic surgery if she’s sharing her talent and artistic perspective with the world?

  8. JS says:

    Sure, she’s invented a new persona for herself, but loads of people from the music industry are guilty of that, and yes, she sang badly on SNL, but some of her other live performances were not nearly as bad as that. This one for instance . I think her singing/ awkwardness on SNL can probably be put down to nerves. But more importantly, is any of that even relevant? She’s a musician, so shouldn’t people be judging her based on her music? Which is, quite frankly, very good. She certainly has enough talent to be on SNL (I should probably also mention that like MiguelDC I do not listen to pop regularly, so I’m hoping I’m less biased towards favouring pop music.) And as many people here have said, if you don’t like her music, you don’t have to listen to it. I simply don’t understand how people can say they ‘hate’ her. It’s such an awful thing to say, when they could just ignore her.

  9. Pat says:

    She is dishonest. She is middle class Lizzie Grant, has tons of plastic surgery and then pretends to have lived in a trailer park. Why?
    The music and singing should speak for itself, it it is good enough there is no need to send out a false bio.
    And to me, but that may be just me, it is offensive to people who grew up in trailer parks.

    • Jenna says:

      Idiot. We have pictures of her from 2009 in a trailer park, we have an interview from 2009 that was HELD in her trailer park. Oh yeah and one of her  Leaked videos shows her in and around a trailer. Try again.

  10. MiguelDC says:

    I like her. Well, I don’t know her but I definitely like her music. It’s fun pop music with some enjoyable “trip-hop” back tracks and a interesting “vintage” (or noir) feel to her lyrics. I like the old Hollywood vibe and I don’t get that a lot in music. I think it’s important to mention that pop is not my favourite genre of music and I’m speaking as a Prog Rock/Metal lover.

    I don’t get why she’s the “poster child” for the fake comments. Watch the Grammy awards and count how many of those artists can actually play an intrument or write a song by themselves. Compared to them, Lana feels genuine. Hell,compared to them even Milli Va.. Ok,maybe not.

    She’s another artist in a over populated music world. There’s plenty more music out there, so if people don’t like her, they have plenty of choice. I know that writing “This sucks!” on the interwebs is normal but ease up on the negativity. Listen to stuff you like, and most important, follow Wil Weathon’s rule.

  11. scott says:

    Time shifting mom………30 rock is funny for two reasons. 1. The actors and actresses that are a permanent fixture to the show. 2.The amazing writers they have on staff! 3.Their efficient use of production structure and design. so that kinda leaves brian williams being funny out. NBC wouldnt take the risk for bad improv, but they would risk gaining more attention from williams viewers in those moments he is on. Williams is a guy that reads good outloud, nothing more nothing less. but all in all this is just my opinion. i love that show too much to have the comedic credit given to him lol

  12. Norbert says:

    The thing is most sucessful artists are fake. Hell do you think the famous non fake musicinans are really genuine? Do you think Dylan accidentaly stayed with his style and look? Come on.

  13. If Brian Williams is spawn of SkyNet, then SkyNet has a pretty good sense of humor. See his hilarious appearances on 30 Rock and Jimmy Fallon. We love BDubs!

  14. Jim says:

    I enjoy her vocals. So +1 for the Del Ray.

    I will comment that I believe she was only prepared for a few songs to come out. The rest of the album feels force filled with junk, much like Adele’s 1st real studio album. She’ll need a few years to mature, and maybe some of the dollars to get a decent production crew to get behind her. Also, a bit of gripe on the album, is sloppy production.

    I would like to see some varied styles, maybe with a Jack White or something equally as different.

  15. m' says:

    nope. quite like her.

  16. Anyone says:

    What does hating her solve? Shes a singer. If you don’t enjoy the music, don’t listen to it.

  17. Luanne says:

    She sounds like a Russian stripper trying to ‘sing.’ If that’s what she’s going for, then mission accomplished!

  18. Jeffrey says:

    I love her for one reason: the Hunger Games related parody of her song Video Games. I don’t like Video Games. I love Hunger Games. Go look it up if you haven’t seen it yet. If you don’t know the first Hunger Games book, then I doubt you will like it as much as I did. But still, check it out.

  19. Matt says:

    Side note: the 800 numbers are actually for Language and Literature. If you want Science, you need to go to the 500s (maybe 600s if you’re looking Applied Science or Technology).

    And thus ends the terrible Librarian nerd joke.

    Back on topic, I agree with George. People who don’t like Lana Del Rey (or any given artist for that matter) don’t have to listen to her. There’s too much good music out there to agonize over what you don’t like.

  20. Urkel says:

    I honestly tried to be open minded towards her (as with all new music) but the more I observed the more I can see how backlash isn’t just “bandwagoning”. She’s the real deal in unlikeability.

    1) She sings of a tortured life but her parents are actually millionaires

    2) The music is surprisingly good but they are destroyed by strategically terrible lyrics

    3) Too famous too fast with her “new” persona due to failing in her original attempt years ago,

    4) Faux(?) Arrogance “I dont know why people criticized my SNL appearance. I looked and sounded beautiful”

    5) Fake lips that were originally instructed never to smile (just watch the SNL performance and the post-show group hug). Then after the backlash she is instructed to smile often. I know this is what publicists are for, but human nature is to feel sympathy for the depressed so theres something about “fake depression” that gets people to feel conned.

  21. Spray-Tan says:

    I kept seeing her ads on itunes when searching for podcasts, but this article inspired me to look her up. I’ve listened to some of her recorded songs, read her wiki page, and watched the snl performance. It’s just pop music, lot’s of ambition but very little substance. Does she deserve the hate she gets? No. That being said, i doubt we’ll be seeing much of her after 2012. She came out of nowhere, her career before this new cd seems non existent, so i’m guessing the major label she’s signed with thought lips and attitude were enough to make them money, they were right, but the success won’t stick. Lady Gaga and Adele might be in the same pop category, but they have the talent to keep going. Even if that means they keep going long after the public tires of them. People under the age of 18 need music too, that music is pop music. We can’t get rid of it.

  22. Lee says:

    I don’t know what the problem is. She’s not that bad, in fact videogames was a good song. Better than gaga or Katy Perry in my opinion.

  23. Dean says:

    Grr pop music sux

  24. Bry-Bry says:

    TOTALLY didn’t read the article, but I feel I should speak my mind on this matter… Do I really hate her and why? I suppose I do hate her. I originally clicked on the article ’cause the picture was quite pretty, but now she’s just pissing me off. Lana Del Rey?? REALLY? Are you serious?? In Spanish, that literally translates to “wool of the king”. That’s SO STUPID. Who does she think she is trying to make a living? GAWD. I’m sure everyone here in the comment section will agree with me that that is SO STUPID and she doesn’t deserve to have a job or pursue anything creatively. If I sound angry it’s ’cause I am! POST COMMENT!

    P.S. It was an interesting read and I now know of the controversial Lana Del Rey.

  25. Brandon says:

    I saw her on SNL and thought it was a skit but found out that was the real musical guest. So I looked at other performances of hers and they are all bad. You can see it in her eyes, she knows she is a fraud.
    She is a mixture of all that is bad in the music biz. Other examples of this are Chloe Lattanzi, Alexa Ray Joel and Rebecca Black. Hopefully
    Lana Del Ray will fade away much like Krayshawn and the other three I mentioned. If it was a gimmick that has led to record sales then it will continue to be used by talentless individuals.

  26. Marie says:

    I absolutely formed my opinion of her on my own, and it’s completely based on my non-enjoyment of her SNL performance, never having heard of her before.

  27. Nico says:

    I totally ADORE half of her album they’re just greatly written and performed but then there’s the other half which I can’t stand cause they sound like awful songs written by a 13 year old. Like her song “Video Games” it just grates at me with terrible lyrics but “Born To Die” and “Blue Jeans” sound amazing.

  28. markimark says:

    Nothing is as bad as Adele. Godamn I can’t fucking stand Adele.

  29. Tristan Odle says:

    Lana Del Ray sounds like people who are making fun of singers sing

  30. George says:

    The problem is that everyone feels like:

    a) They need to have an opinion

    b) that what they think matters

    This article is no different, so I apologize for barely reading it and skipping the comments.

    We live in a world where we can access so much, and there is so much for us to enjoy. We all have different tastes, so let’s share what we love, and ignore what we dislike. It’s that easy.

    Haters gonna hate is not an excuse to hate, it’s a cop out.

    Nerdist lead the way, don’t follow suit with this selfish world we’ve somehow fallen into.

    <3 your site, thanks for all the great content.

  31. hoffmankoos says:

    I think hating her is a bit much and not really fair, but man, that SNL performance was cringingly embarrassing. It was like watching an American Idol audition in Arkansas without anyone telling her to stop.
    It probably was on par with the awful Kesha performance.

  32. antiavenger says:

    I’ve heard a couple of her songs via Youtube and Spotify and I gotta say she’s not bad but she’s not good either. She’s in that dreaded in-between where I just don’t care. And I’m not sure I will care with a voice like that.

  33. Reed says:

    Jake, when you were a kid, did people tell you that you “think too much?”

    …Because we’re one and the same on that one, pal. My mind goes to the same weird formula-based place on this topic and hits a wall. The way I’ve come to see it is that she seems like she’s performing in a David Lynch movie, in a scene where she’s the inconsequential placeholder entertainer which the director thinks is totally normal, but since the director’s a nutball, she’s actually totally awkward and bizarre.

  34. Brian says:

    I didn’t pay attention to any article I saw on her simply because I didn’t really care, but then I finally listened to “Born to Die” in early January. Loved it. Then I started reading the articles. Man, does NY Mag/Vulture have a hate on for her or what? I think she sounds great. I don’t care if it’s all done in pro-tools or autotune, I f*ing love electronic and techno, so I’m not afraid of some digital manipulation (though she sounds pretty good live–SNL notwithstanding). And I don’t care if her sound is totally the product of her producers either. I just care about the result and I really like her album.
    I still have no idea why everyone hates her so much. She’s awkward when she performs live and has a weird upper lip. So what?
    I think it’s unfortunate how much information everyone has access these days when it comes to new music (and shows, and movies). Everyone has an opinion before they ever even experience the final product.

  35. fancycwabs says:

    She’s no more “manufactured” than, say, LMFAO. Bonus: the couple of songs I’ve heard seem actually listenable!

  36. Ryan says:


    Though based on the title, I dislike her. I don’t think her music is very good and she seems pretentious based on her Rolling Stone interview. She won’t last.

  37. zach says:

    I just feel that the emotions she puts into a song are fake. It’s like it could be the same song, but as a rock song or a pop song, and Lana Del Ray couldn’t care one bit which one it is