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Because Science

Do We Have Enough Weapons to Start ADVENTURE TIME’s Mushroom War?

To figure out what it would take to create the conditions for the land of Ooo to spring up, you have to get mathematical.

In my latest Because Science, I try to figure out if we have enough nuclear weapons to start Adventure Time‘s infamous “Mushroom War.” One option would be a nuclear winter. After a massive nuclear exchange, enough of the world’s infrastructure and forests are set ablaze to blot out the sun with ash and dust. Do we have the arsenal to make this happen? Or maybe radiation itself could do us in. If at least some humans could survive hundreds or thousands of nuclear blasts, would there be enough fallout to wipe out humanity? I give my best approximation above!

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  1. stardude says:

    A regular nuclear war wouldn’t but if one side had a doctor strangelove retaliation weapon than that might do it.If you look at Ooooh from space you see a giant chunk missing from the planet,  maybe someone built a massive 1 million megaton weapon with dead hand controls.

  2. brent koazk says:

    what about nuclear reactors couldn’t a few of them getting hit reach that radiation level to wipe us all out.

    • stardude says:

      probably not,  meltdowns of all the earths nuclear reactors might be able to cause an extinction level event but just hitting them with nuclear weapons would likely vaporize the nuclear fuel and spread it widely enough to not be directly fatal.