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Be a Princess of Power at School with This DIY SHE-RA Pencil Case

She-Ra and Princesses of Power won’t be out on Netflix until November, but it’s not too soon to rock a little bit of Adora’s style. With just a clear or white pencil case and a sheet of gold vinyl adhesive, you can make your first day of school (or just another day at work) magical with this She-Ra craft.

What You Need

  • White or transparent pencil case
  • Gold adhesive vinyl sheet
  • Stencil
  • Small blue jewel
  • Glue dot
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Get Started!

Step One: Begin by printing the She-Ra stencil; print and cut out the shape. You may need to re-size the print area to fit your particular pencil case.

Step Two: Trace the stencil shape on the back of the gold vinyl sheet and cut out.

Step Three: Cut two long, thin strips of the gold vinyl. If the sheet has a grid on the backing, use one row as a guide to cut straight. If your pencil case has a compartment, like mine did, cut a third strip long enough to cover it from edge to edge.

Step Four: Lay one gold strip on the pencil case, face down, and then place the stencil shape on top, also face down. Trace the top point of the shape on the gold strip. Repeat for the second and bottom end of the shape, and set all of the vinyl aside.

Step Five: Peel the backing from the stencil shape and stick on the middle of the case.

Step Six: Cut the pointed shape you traced for the top strip, and line it up with the stencil shape. Trim the top to fit the case, then peel off the backing and carefully press the gold strip to the top half of the case.

If you trimmed a third strip, stick it to the middle of the compartment section now.

Step Seven: Repeat for the bottom gold strip.

Note: You could simply cut one long strip, stick it, and then stick the stencil shape on top of it, but the gold vinyl sheets are usually so thin that the line would be visible through the shape.

Step Eight: Stick a glue dot to the back of the blue jewel, and attach the jewel to the middle of the stencil shape. (You can use school glue or hot glue, but those are more likely to cause the jewel to pop off the shiny vinyl.)

Your She-Ra pencil case is complete! Use it to store, pencils, headphones, or whatever else you need to feel like a Princess of Power.

Are you looking forward to She-Ra and the Princesses of Power? Tell us why in the comments.

She-Ra Images: Dreamworks / Netflix

Photos: Kelly Knox

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