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Dissecting GAME OF THRONES’ “The Queen’s Justice”

Bran must’ve gotten caught up manipulating time again because it’s somehow Monday once more. Luckily, that means it’s time for All Kings Considered (a subsidiary of Nerdist News Talks Back)! Joining Queen Jessica Chobot are Lady of Winterfell Alicia Lutes, Faceless Assassin Amy Vorpahl, and literal Ed Sheeran/Nerdist Producer, Jason Nguyen.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

This week’s episode was one of family reunions (even if the family doesn’t know it). Firstly, Ice and Fire have finally met in the form of Jon and Dany. The last two Targaryens in the same room. Jon’s line “I’m not a Stark” being punctuated by Drogon sweeping by from overhead was a nice little nod to the fact that Jon is Danaerys’ secret nephew. And, because this show is so concerned with keepin’ it in the family, the two monarchs had more than a little sexual tension as they argued over the best use of their armies. It’s been a while since Dany had a disagreement with an actual good man rather than the slaver scum she dealt with in Mereen, and Jon isn’t used to being at a woman’s mercy but recognizes her good intentions. They don’t agree, but they at least respect the other’s view.

The Stark reunion was slightly less chill. What started as Sansa’s joyous discovery that her little brother was alive quickly devolved into Bran’s thousand-year-stare boring into her soul. Seriously, could Bran be any creepier? There are hundreds of ways to prove to Sansa that you can see the past, and you chose to describe how beautiful she was on the night she was raped? That’s messed up, bro.

Also messed up is the Queen herself. Cersei is so sadistic it’s cray: She didn’t just kill Ellaria Sand, she destroyed her by condemning the final Sand Snake to a slow death. Then promptly banged her brother without any regard for who might see. Speaking of, Jaime had a simultaneously fantastic and horrible week (month? Year? How much time took place in this episode?) Not only did he do the deed, he finally took Highgarden from the Tyrells. However, Euron is making moves on his sister, and now he knows that Olenna (a.k.a. the best character on this show) was the one to kill his son, not Tyrion. Something bad is definitely going to come from that.

Same, Cersei. Same. Oh wait—you’re not crying because Olenna’s gone? Never mind, then.

Onto Euron Greyjoy! Somehow you made it all the way back to King’s Landing AND Casterly Rock in the time it took the Unsullied to get to just one of those places? Unless your fleet sprouts wings and skips all the water parts in between, that ain’t how travel in the Realm works.

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