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Disney/Pixar Announces THE INCREDIBLES 2 & CARS 3

If there was one classic Pixar film that lent itself to a sequel more than any other, it’s definitely The Incredibles, Brad Bird’s now classic take on a superhero family that was a way better Fantastic Four movie than that with which we ended up. And yet, despite Disney/Pixar making sequels to Toy Story, Monsters, Inc. and soon Finding Nemo,  and despite fan demand, we’d had no word on a part two for The Incredibles, until today. In a conference call with investors, and then confirmed via Twitter, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced thatThe Incredibles 2 is officially happening. Not much is known yet other than it is officially in the early stages, and that Brad Bird is at least involved with developing the story. Although Bird has gone on to direct live-action films like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and the upcoming Tomorrowland, maybe Disney can persuade him to come back to the family he created to direct once again.

Oh, and there’s going to be a Cars 3 as well. That excited someone out there… right? Kidding aside, the first Cars was a pretty underrated movie, and a much better film that understood the love of racing in a far less offensive way than, say, the Need for Speed movie. (I don’t remember Lightning McQueen killing too many innocent bystanders in the first Cars. Just sayin’.)  But Cars 2 felt like the crash grab it was, a sequel made to promote the upcoming Cars Land at the Disneyland resort and the ever lucrative Cars line of merchandise that has been a perennial best seller for the company. Hopefully this time, Pixar can make a sequel worthy of the original.


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  1. yay new sequels to pixar movies along with finding dory

  2. ApplePi says:

    I preferred Cars 2 to the original. Planes was… a plane wreck. Horrible predictable story and just plane bad.

  3. Jae says:

    Cars 3, regardless of my feelings on the prospect, wasn’t much of a surprise to me. Those movies make an OBSCENE amount of money off merch sales. It’s literally billions of dollars. There’s no way in the world Disney wasn’t going to keep that franchise going.

    As for the Incredibles: happy dance, happy dance, happy dance…

  4. Bethany B. says:

    The first Cars was great (even though I’m not a race fan at all). And I really enjoy Mater’s Tall Tales. But Cars 2 had so many gaping plot holes they could’ve flown Planes through them doing loop-de-loops. (Planes was a fun movie – I had reservations about Dane Cook voicing the lead, but for once I didn’t hate him. Hopefully Planes: Fire & Rescue won’t suck.)

    I like the prospect of Cars 3, but if they go for it, they really need to make it good.

    Also – another Nemo? My 3yo daughter will be thrilled!

  5. Joseph Knight says:

    What happened to “We’re going to concentrate on new IPs, stop with the sequels”? They f**ked up Cars with that awful sequel that had no relation to the first film. Pixar better not start churning out Dreamworks quality photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy crap.

  6. dave Bartholomew says:

    Possible storyline…just sayin’

    A spoof/satire of superhero team films. The “Studio” , the bad guy,has bought the rights to a tell all book, and is casting for a Justice movie. The family has to come to terms that the biggest douches in Hollywood are playing them.