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Disney Re-imagines The 7 Dwarfs As ‘Hip’ In New Cartoon Series 7D

Disney has always been smart enough to cash in and exploit expand and monetize their classic animated characters for a new generation (Tinkerbell, anyone?) and according to a news report atThe Hollywood Reporter, that trend looks to continue with an all-new modern and “hip” take on the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in an all-new animated series called 7D. An impressive cast of voice acting veterans are a part of the show, including Bill Farmer (Doc), Maurice LaMarche (Grumpy), Kevin Michael Richardson (Happy), Scott Menville (Sneezy), Dee Bradley Baker (Dopey), Stephen Stanton (Sleepy), and Billy West (Bashful) as the titular “7 D”, with the series headlined by Kelly Osbourne as “Hildy Gloom,” a witch married to a warlock (Jess Harnell) who each week means to overthrow the kingdom of “Queen Delightful,” voiced by Leigh-Allyn Baker.

The designs look inspired by Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time, and with that show being a huge success, it would make sense Disney would want it on some of that action. Although the seven dwarf characters are the same as in the classic 1937 movie (Disney owns the names and personalities of the dwarf characters, the rest being public domain) it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Snow White and Prince Charming in this show. In fact, this is said to be a contemporary version, set in the land of “Jollywood.” (*sigh* I don’t even have a snarky remark for that one, it’s beyond a snarky remark.) This whole thing reminds me of when Tweety Bird got all hip hop for awhile….anyone remember that? The show is set to premiere across three networks, Disney XD, Disney Channel and Disney Junior this summer.


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  1. s0nicfreak says:

    HAHHAHA that’s the best April Fools joke! Right? RIGHT?!

  2. Carrie says:

    In competition with Cartoon Network I see? This should be interesting as Nickelodeon is falling apart at the seams. Cartoon Network is the reigning champ for kids channels. Disney Channel is trying to compete for the better. Let the games begin!

  3. Spatula Dave says:

    So they turned them into Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang?