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Episode 11: Dining with Doug and Karen
Paul F. Tompkins and…
Dining with Doug and Karen

Dining with Doug and Karen #11: Paul F. Tompkins and Jonathan Peters

The hilarious Paul F. Tompkins joins Doug and Karen to enjoy some meals by Jonathan Peters! And our friend Cake Boss might even make an appearance…

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  1. Becca says:

    I love this show! I do want an episode every week. I just started listening so I am going through all the old ones and dread getting caught up b/c I will have to wait for more!

  2. Adam Byers says:

    being a fan of DLM, I decided to finally take a chance on this podcast – I’ve burnt through the first 10 episodes in the last 3 days.

    Great show.

    “We’re gonna eat!!!” is always my favorite part.

  3. Jonathan Peters says:

    @Roqnroll the cheeses, left to right in the picture, are Idiazabal, Mimolette, Pichin, Leonora, and Bayley Hazen

  4. jessica says:

    i love this show and this episode was great. thanks Doug and Karen, i look forward to every new episode.

  5. Gibbelstein says:

    I recently looked up the Sig Alert. Apparently, the story has it the name was a threat to the inventor, Loyd C. “Sig” Sigmon. They tied his name to the project to make him stake his reputation on the thing.

  6. dayz says:

    there’s probably little comment on PFT’s part of the show and how good he is because a good percentage of people listening/commenting will have already praised him on any number of other podcast appearances that he has done and feel no need to do so every time.

    on the other matter… I find karen kinda likeable, kinda inoffensive, but also just… kinda there. fills the air time while doug chews.

  7. Illusion-XIII says:

    You know, it’s kinda sad, because regardless of whether you’re a fan of Karen’s podcasting style or not (I find her fun and laid back), it’s really a shame that there’s all this focus on that dispute and no mention (at the time of this comment) of Paul F. Thompkin’s hilarious performance. He is awesome in every podcast he visits, his “Cake Boss” impression is brilliant, and frankly I was having so much fun listening to him, I didn’t have time to be annoyed by any comedy missteps by the other two. It’d be nice to have more comments about what’s been good in this podcast, instead of arguing over what may or may have been less-than-perfect.

  8. Rob S. says:

    “The higher, the fewer” is a Star Trek reference.

  9. zach says:

    Love this show but can’t stand when Karen opens her mouth……

  10. dreadpiratestead says:

    Daryl S—While Nick may have been heavy-handed (think Thor’s hammer) in his critique of Karen (and in my opinion incorrect), next time you may want to more carefully read posts you wish to respond to. He was saying that Katie might be one of the options to replace Karen on air, not be replaced along with Karen.

    Katie deserves her own podcast, imho.

  11. daryl s says:

    this is one of my favorite podcasts. For Nick to say get rid of karen and katie, is insane. lets look at the title of the show. Katie produces many of the nerdist podcasts and has one of her own. Best thing to do is not listen nick, the rest of us who enjoy the show don’t need to see your negative opinion. I enjoy Karen on the show and often thought Katie should get more involved.

    keep up the GREAT work everyone

  12. John G. says:

    Like it, love it, want some more of it.

  13. Will says:

    Karen, Doug, and Katie don’t change a damn thing. Your chemistry is great the show is funny and a great listen. I feel like a fly on the wall listening to a group of friends hanging out. Don’t put it out every week please. Just put it out as you are, I like the surprise of a new show when you do post an episode.

  14. Carter says:

    Nick’s diatribe may be “unfunny” and it may contain “unnecessary references,” but the man is not wrong.

  15. Geewizard says:

    Nick, isn’t it easier to simply say that you don’t like Karen? That way you don’t have to force unnecessary references into an unfunny diatribe.

    Karen is hilarious, and her chemistry with the group is the whole show.

  16. roqnroll says:

    I wish you’d put in show notes so we can get the names of what was prepared (ie. cheeses, etc) Besides that, excellent show.

  17. Nick says:

    Can we just pick a random podcast listener and stick them in Karen’s chair? Or Katie? Or that kid who lives in the comic store?

    Just … ANYBODY who doesn’t derail everything with horrible timing and complete ignorance … they don’t need to be funny or charming … they just need to be mildly articulate and have some semblance of an idea of how ‘shows’ and ‘humor’ work.

    I’ll give her this, if she’s TRYING to murder these shows, then she’s 10x more successful at it than Peretti at Holmes’ live shows. Not as funny, but maybe in twenty years we’ll look back at this podcast as a seminal example of Kaufmanesque trolling. I mean, those sausage snacks a few episodes back? That was a Gatsby-level performance right there.

  18. Joe Bridges says:

    I love this show!!