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DESTINY Premium Editions and Xbox Beta Dates Revealed

The wizards (presumably from the moon) at Bungie are ramping up for their big Destiny beta launch next week, and they’re taking it as seriously as a full game launch. Given the insurmountable fun and polish within to the Destiny Alpha, expectations and excitement are running high for the next phase of Bungie’s renowned new IP. Today, we’ve got more details on the premium editions of Destiny and a beta release date for Xbox owners.

Destiny PS4 Limited Edition_packshot

The Limited Edition, which is packaged in a SteelBook case and will run you $99.99, features a batch of bonus in-game content and a collectible Folio. The Ghost Edition (pictured above), which will run you $149.99, additionally includes a physical batch of Golden Age Relics, a Letter of Introduction, and an illuminated, motion-activated Ghost statue featuring sensual voice recordings from Tyrion Lannister himself.

Along with the news of premium editions of Destiny comes an official date for the Xbox versions of the beta. While PS4 and PS3 owners will have a small window of beta exclusivity starting on July 17, Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will get their shot at the game on July 23. The heartbreaking conclusion of the beta will happen across the board on July 27, but instead of thinking about that gloomy moment in video game future, let’s celebrate the upcoming festivities with this new trailer released by Bungie today:

Well, I guess Peter Dinklage found the conviction that everyone has been scolding him for omitting from his voice in the Destiny Alpha. Also, the music from this game continues to outdo itself with every new bit that they release– I still sit back and play the Destiny menu music to lessen the pain of the Alpha being taken away from us.

We’re only ten days away, guys! Yes, it’s been a tough month without placing our asses in the seat of a lighting fast sparrow, but the time is nigh. Make sure to stay tuned here for some exciting activities leading up to and during the Destiny beta.

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    yea that doesnt sound remotely close to peter dinklage’s voice  pretty sure thats a different character.