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Denzel Gets Real In New TV Spot For THE EQUALIZER

With the summer movie season officially ending this week, we’re now starting to look to the fall months for more “mature” content from our film studios. But, first we must get through September, a month often thought of as a dumping ground for movies that couldn’t make the summer cut. However, that’s not the only thing the first month of fall is good for, it’s also home to more adult themed films that don’t have a place against the massive spectacle of tent-pole, PG-13 movies. This place for adult skewing, star driven thrillers is where the latest film bringing together again Training Day duo Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington, The Equalizer, comes into play and, to keep you interested, Sony has just released an all new TV spot:


Based on the hit 80’s CBS action series, The Equalizer follows Robert McCall, a ex-special ops soldier who spends his off hours helping victims of criminals that the justice system has failed. When a friend of his is attacked, McCall heads out on a one man war against the Russian mob to make them pay for their actions.

It’s always nice when a film like this get through the smoke of Guardians of the Galaxy and Maze Runner-style high-concept fair. The best cinema is the kind where we get a mix of all worlds, and we are in desperate need of some good old man on a mission movie making, and it seems The Equalizer will fit that bill nicely.

The Equalizer hits theaters September 26th.

What do you think of the latest TV spot? Let us know in the comments below.

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    “This video is private.”  Is there another link for this video?