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A Deleted Scene from THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 Will Break Your Heart

Not caught up on The Walking Dead? Turn back now! Season 7 spoilers ahead!

Season 7 of The Walking Dead was an unusually brutal one. The entire season kicked off with two of the most gutting, gory deaths we’ve seen in quite some time, with Negan brutally introducing Lucille to both Abraham and Glenn. Negan’s presence on the show has changed everything for Rick and the gang at Alexandria, but prior to the introduction to the Saviors, it felt like Alexandria might, for once, become a stable, safe, new home.

In the season premiere, Rick has a brief daydream in the midst of the horrors around him of what life could have looked like in Alexandria. When the episode aired, we only got to see a snippet, just a quick look at the entire group sitting down to a nice dinner outside. However, on the season 7 blu-ray, AMC has decided to show us what that entire scene looked like. The clip first dropped at Entertainment Weekly, and it’s a lot to take in. Take a look, and get ready to have some FEELINGS.

The clip shows the entire group living a happy life in Alexandria, years in the future. Everyone’s is smiling and peaceful, dressed clothes that are only meant to keep a person cool in the summer, not clothes that are meant for optimum apocalypse survival. Well, except for Daryl that is, but I’m pretty sure he came out of the womb dressed in a leather vest.

Glenn is not only very much alive, but he’s happily playing with he and Maggie’s kid, who’s now a seemingly healthy and happy toddler. Abraham and Sasha are both alive as well, and Sasha is visibly pregnant with what we can only assume is her and Abraham’s baby. Deanna’s insufferable son, Spencer, is also there, guts in tact, hopefully as a much better version of himself than what we saw on the show. Eagle-eyed viewers might’ve also caught a much older Judith, sitting with Carl at the table (wearing Carl’s sheriff hat, I might add).

It’s beautiful and heartbreaking. It shows just what Alexandria could have been, and what exactly everyone is fighting for as they continue to go head-to-head with the Saviors in the coming season. It also reminds me of how sad I am that Glenn is dead, so THANKS for re-opening that wound, AMC!

Hopefully one day, the group will find this kind of peaceful existence again, but we’ll have to wait until next season to find out. What did you think of the deleted scene? Who do you miss the most on The Walking Dead? What do you hope to see in the coming season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature Image: AMC

Gif Credit: Giphy

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