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Deathstroke Attacks (a lot) in NIGHTWING Webseries

Every city needs a superhero, really; I mean, the Justice League statistically can’t be everywhere at once, even if some of them are the fastest people in the world. What about Blüdhaven, huh? Shouldn’t that sinister-sounding burg get a savior of its own? Well, it has one in the form of Nightwing, the former Robin who branched out on his own and finally put on a pair of pants. But, wouldn’t you know it, things get especially bloody there when master assassin Deathstroke crashes a party for Senator Hamilton Hill. We’re talking security guard carnage of the highest degree.

This is where we pick up the new web series Nightwing created by Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le. In it, we see Dick Grayson (played by Shepherd) begin to put the pieces together when Slade Wilson (apparently having broken out of incarceration from Arrow… it’s possible they aren’t in the same universe) arrives in Blüdhaven and makes a fancy shindig into something rather less fancy.

Below, you’ll find the first episode of this epic, DC Comics-inspired web show that is certainly not short on action, with impressive cinematography and costumes that both work as functional, real-world suits and do justice to their ink-and-paper counterparts.

“I love Nerdist and it’s an honor to be posted by them!” said Shepherd about this very post (meta) and went on to say about Nightwing, “The project has been in development for a very long time, and we have poured a lot of love and work into this series and we truly hope people enjoy it.”

New episodes will post on Mondays and can be subscribed to on the Ismahawk YouTube channel. And let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for the support and glad you liked Deathstroke 🙂

  2. adc says:

    In real life  you cant actually pull swords out from your back.. its actually impossible.  

  3. Deathstroke with two eyes?

  4. jm5150 says:

    why is he always shirtless?

  5. Larry says:

    Not bad for a fan web series. The script and dialogue could be stronger as with cinematography(framing issues and too many wide shots).  Acting could be better as none of the characters seem genuine.  The frame speed ups could use some polish. Lighting could use work as it seems flat in some scenes.
    But given the budget its not bad, hopefully things get better as it progresses.

  6. John says:

    It’s not the same universe as Arrow. They mention Star city (as it is in the comics) vs. Starling city as it is in Arrow.

    • Larry says:

      They will be renaming starling city this coming season in a brief released screen cap as part of a rebranding for the city.  They were able to get the rights back from the smallville producers.