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DEADPOOL Test Footage Leaks Online

Comic-Con may be over, but that isn’t going to stop the comic book movie news train from rolling in, and today we have a crazy one for you. Literally, this guy’s freakin’ nuts. Last night, the internet got a brief glimpse at something magical as someone leaked onto the world the test footage that was created for Fox’s long-gestating Deadpool film. How do we know it was legitimate? Twenty minutes after it was posted, it was gone thanks to a copyright claim from the studio itself.

The mostly CGI sequence features Deadpool in full costume with Ryan Reynolds doing his voice. It opens with the Merc with a Mouth sitting atop a freeway while listening to some music and smashes the fourth wall to smithereens to address us directly. When he notices an SUV of bad guys, he hops down through the sunroof and begins taking them out in his very Deadpool way. The fight within the SUV is filled with an even mix of action and humor, such as our hero commenting on the van’s rich Corinthian leather and getting repeatedly hit in the head like a cartoon character.

Eventually, the out-of-control SUV catches the attention of a man on a motorcycle in front of it that turns and begins opening fire on the tumbling vehicle. Suddenly, the sequence goes into ultra slo-mo as Deadpool sees the man, holds up a piece of paper that can’t be made out in the video and, in one swift motion, relieves the motorcyclist from his head.

Once the van finishes rolling, Deadpool opens the window, does a quick gag with the severed head (still in its motorcycle helmet) and the title card pops up. It’s as great as it sounds as we have a feeling this leak’s going to spark a highly refreshed interest by audiences in the film. With any luck, it could be the thing that pushes Fox over the edge to finally make the damn thing.

Update: Footage got pulled, so I hope you caught it while you could!

Update 2: Blur Studios uploaded a HD version of the test footage to their official website.

Update 3: For unknown reasons (but most likely at the request of Fox), the HD version has been removed.

Did you get a chance to see the Deadpool test footage? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. X-MAN 2281 says:

    First of all, I want to thank those that provided watchable links. Secondly, that was HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS AND BADASS. They nailed Deadpool’s smartass, bizarre, funny humor perfectly. And they even included the fourth wall-breaking !  ……..A couple of people said this could be a video game. Well, no, because Deadpool already had a video game released in 2013. (which I recommend. Cable, Wolverine, Domino, Rogue, and Psylocke even appeared in it !) ……..Others have said this could make up for the shitty depiction of Wade in “X-Men Origins : Wolverine”. I agree. Even Hugh Jackman said that they could have done a better job with Deadpool ! ………. I also agree with others in making it R-rated. PG-13 does NOT fit Deadpool at all. Hopefully, when this does get made, Fox will get people involved who are actual fans of the character and the comics, not people who are just in it for the payday and insist on making idiotic changes and ruining everything. Just, for fuck sake, keep it the hell away from Bryan Singer. I could make a 50-100 page essay on everything he has screwed up with the X-Films.

  2. Gary Williams says:

    I laughed. I cried. I wet myself.

  3. George says:

    Join the FB group called we want a Deadpool movie. Let the suits at Fox know what’s up. 

  4. If I was able to make a Deadpool movie the MPAA would give it an NC-17 rating lol.

  5. saw it loved it can’t wait for it .

  6. fireforge74 says:

    It was part-near perfect! This needs to happen ASAP!

  7. Ryan says:

    it awesomely Deadpool and needs to be done…. Deadpool in movie form needs to be saved.

  8. Brianna says:

    I saw it and loved it.I would totally forgive Fox for the mess they made of Origin’s Deadpool…….well ok I wouldnt but I might forget about it for a moment while watching this movie.Ryan is perfect for this part.In every movie he has been in he has had a smartass mouth and a personality that fits Deadpool perfectly.Fox make this movie and make it right.Otherwise……..

  9. wolfmoonsshadow says:

    Deadpool movie is a an awesome idea. But Nolan North has to be the voice. Hasn’t Ryan Reynolds screwed deadpool over enough?

    • Shane says:

      No because he was perfect as Wade Wilson. It’s not like he wrote and directed the movie dude.

  10. jurjen74 says:

    This one works fine

  11. Ryan Fisher says:

    FOX TAKE MY MONEY!!! I saw the whole thing and it was freakin amazing!!! Had a total fanboy moment!!

  12. It looks like it could be all cg so it could be a video game but either way massive boner. Love Ryan Reynolds. Origins and Green Lantern sucked for other reason. He is the perfect Deadpool. Wolverine just fucked every thing up.

  13. S says:

    OMG. This is freakin’ amazeballs! I’ll pay so much money to see this. 

  14. Erik Elle says:

    Saw it, loved it, fox is retarded if they keep sitting on this.   A full length Deadpool movie just might help us forgive the atrocity that was x-men origins.

  15. j says:

    This is going to be the first (good) R-rated Marvel movie.

  16. JimmyDoo says:

    That footage was amazing!  I could forgive Green Lantern if they would release a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie…

  17. Anthony says:

    Caught it, loved it, shut up and take my money.

  18. Tom says:

    maybe when guardians kills it this week, and they see that a kick ass superhero movie with a sense of humor can do well it’ll get them making this. But it must be R rated.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s still up

  20. losingmyself says:

    It physically hurts me that this movie doesn’t exist…yet there are 3 Riddick movies in existence.

  21. autifon says:

    Soooo.. if you missed it, that’s a shame, but maybe you can check out this instead: *wink wink, nudge nudge*


  22. Andy Daniel says:

    Ugh! I missed it!

  23. Loved it! The tone was perfect. I’ve been dying for an R rated Deadpool movie for years. Hopefully this will light a fire under someone’s ass at FOX.

  24. Loved it! The tone was perfect. I’ve been dying for an R rated Deadpool movie for years. Hopefully this will light a fight under someone’s ass at FOX.

  25. Jm5150 says:

    Looks like video game footage, not movie footage

  26. Steven says:

    This was amazing Fox get your shit together and make this already of give it to someone who will

  27. Saeed says:

    I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Deadpool fan, but that movie would look fun as all hell!

  28. Shayde says:

    A hoot and a half… and probably the best thing Reynolds will ever be in. Bonus.. He’s MASKED!

  29. ryan says:

    Broooo, Deadpool isn’t a mutant.

  30. Saralyn says:

    That was bad ass!

  31. This footage was FANTASTIC! Blur Studio and Fox should have made it. They still should! It makes no sense what so ever that this movie isn’t in production.