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DEADPOOL Showed Up For His Own 4th-Wall Breaking Honest Trailer

“Suit up for the R-rated film that you had to be 17 to see, buuuut 16 to fully appreciate, in Fox’s hugely successful comic book movie that never would have been made if someone behind-the-scenes didn’t fearlessly leak the test footage.”

Remember, the most successful (non-Passion of the Christ) R-rated film in history was a mega-hit thrust upon the studio against its better judgement. That’s just one of the many realities highlighted in Deadpool‘s Honest Trailer, released today by the Screen Junkies to celebrate the film coming out on DVD and Blu-ray.

But you know what makes a Deadpool Honest Trailer really authentic? Breaking the fourth wall with the red-clad superhero himself. That’s right, the Merc with the Mouth showed up for his own Honest Trailer, and no surprise, he didn’t hold back.

“Let’s be real, Honest Trailer guy, I’m way too big of a deal to be slumming it out in some played out web series.”

Ryan Reynolds lent his foul-mouthed voice to this video, and he even admitted that the filmmakers may have “borrowed” their very funny opening credit gag, where instead of using the names of the people involved in the movie they used witty, wink-wink descriptions, kind of like the Screen Junkies do at the end of these videos.

As far as Honest Trailers go, this is one of the kindest they have ever done, but in fairness, Deadpool was awesome, so what is there to complain about? Minus that whole “uh, just talk to your hot girlfriend thing.”

Oh, and we also think we are finally ******** ready to forgive everyone involved with that other ******* version of Deadpool from that Wolverine movie. We think.

What’s the best joke in this Honest Trailer? Don’t be an *******, tell us in the ********* comments below.

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Image: 20th Century Fox

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