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Deadpool Cupcakes You’d Do Anything For

With the piles of frosting and the chocolate detailing, we would pretty much do anything for these amazing Deadpool cupcakes from Nerdache Cakes. Ant Roman started the company just a few years ago after becoming interested in cake preparation from watching cooking shows on TV. She decided that, having always been a nerd herself, specializing in geeky events and products was exactly what she wanted to do. Nerdache Cakes started out as a blog before it turned into the bakery known for its nerdy treats and feats, and if their tumblr is any indication, we cannot wait to see more tasty creations from this awesome kitchen artist.

DeadPool Cupcakes 2

While these Deadpool cupcakes are downright amazing, we were also impressed with the incredible Deadpool cake that Ant created over the Fourth of July. She demonstrated all the steps (slightly sped up, of course) on her YouTube channel. The finished result was absolutely gorgeous. And we think that Deadpool would approve of the bathing suit choice, don’t you?

It looks like she’s still getting her website up and running, but there is definitely a way to place orders through the internet if you’re in the New York City area. We’re so glad we caught these when Midtown Comics reblogged them on Tumblr!

What are your favorite details for a geeky event? Is it the fondant accessories put on a cake like the pancakes accompanying these cupcakes? Or is it the sound and lighting effects that set the mood? Tell us about the best themed soiree you have attended in the comments below!

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  1. Widdle Wade says:

    The Merc in your Mouth!

  2. Duke Smellington says:

    So they are selling unlicensed merchandise?

    • Heather says:

      I was wondering about that too. I sent an email to her awhile ago asking about how she deals with the copyright but I have yet to receive a reply. I know that Disney is notorious for not letting people re-create copyrighted work and I wanted to know how she was able to sell goodies recreated to look like copyrighted characters.

    • Jenifer says:

      She can do it because technically it’s “inspired by” or titled as something similar but different – Red Mercenary cupcakes, etc.  Take a look around Etsy – things that are copyright violations go down all the time.  I was busted for something that was actually fair use by a company merely because I used the character name in a tag.  

      • Heather says:

        The “inspired by” part is true but if you look at her work most of it is pretty spot on to what the character and symbols look like. Plus she specifically mentions the actual character names too.