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Will Ben Affleck Remain Batman If Jake Gyllenhaal Joins the MCU?

Jake Gyllenhaal could be joining the MCU in the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, so does that mean Ben Affleck will be staying on as the DCEU’s Batman? We discussed the latest superhero news on today’s Nerdist News Talks Back, along with a full (spoiler-filled!) breakdown of Deadpool 2, and new details for Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth‘s Men in Black revival.

Host Jessica Chobot was joined today by Nerdist News writers Joan Ford and Joey Clift, along with producer Derek Johnson, and they started with the weekend’s big movie release Deadpool 2. What did we think of it? What were our favorite parts? How effective was that big X-Force surprise?

Speaking of superheroes, a new report says Jake Gyllenhaal could join the next Spider-Man as the super villain Mysterio. What do we make of this potential casting? Would he make for a good Mysterio? And most importantly, is it possible this means Ben Affleck will continue to play Batman in the DCEU? Gyllenhaal was rumored to take over the cowl at one point, so maybe this means Affleck will stick around.

Finally, we’re getting new details about the upcoming Men in Black film with Thor: Ragnarok costars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, which will see them solving a global murder mystery. Are we excited for what that could mean? And do we hope it’s a reboot of the franchise, or that it acknowledges the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones films?

Nerdist News Talks Back airs live on our YouTube and Alpha channels at 1PM PT every Monday through Thursday, and we end the week in pop culture with our hour-long Nerdist News What the Friday at 1PM PT, exclusively at Alpha. Because whether it’s Ben Affleck, not Ben Affleck, or Ben Affleck again, no matter who plays Batman we want to discuss it with you.

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Image: Focus Features, Warner Bros., Marvel

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