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DC Teases ‘Robin Rises’ Event, May Un-kill Damian Wayne

Batman will be rolling with a Robin this summer in July’s Robin Rises: Omega and Batman and Robin #33. DC and writer Peter J. Tomasi are being coy about whether the Robin that’s rising is Batman’s son Damian Wayne, although with a title like Robin Rises and a child mummy on the cover, it’s almost definitely Damian.

Speaking with Hero Complex, Tomasi said that the July arc will pay off threads laid down during his and Patrick Gleason’s time on the Bat-books – just in time for Batman’s 75th anniversary. From the sounds of it, the story will be a collision of everything from Ra’s al Ghul to Apokolitan technology, even pitting Batman against the Justice League: “There’s no gimmicks. We’re telling a character-centric action-adventure story that new readers can easily jump on board due to the way we constructed the opening pages of Robin Rises: Omega # 1 that gives readers the ability to emotionally plug in and get up to speed without having read the series from the start of the New 52.”

Even if it is Damian (which it totally is), Tomasi warns fans that the character might have undergone some changes after his heroic sacrifice in Batman Inc. #8: “Weeeeelllll, you’re making a biiiiggg assumption that it’s Damian that comes back from the dead, and in a general note I’d say that anyone coming back from the dead, be it comics or in real life, would most likely result in some changes that no one expected.”

The Robin Rises: Omega one-shot will be on shelves July 16.


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  1. NYCesq says:

    Sure looks like Darkseid’s face under the mask and sparks of the omega beams shooting out of his eyes. It can’t be a coincidence.

  2. Steve Pitsch says:

    Bring it on. Damian was a great addition to the Batman mythos. He was just hitting his stuff when he died.

  3. Larry says:

    cant we just leave that little bastard dead always hated damian