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DC Reveals Catwoman’s Wedding Dress for Batman Marriage

This summer, Gotham City is going to be hosting the biggest superhero wedding in years as Batman and Catwoman tie the knot. But Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle can’t exactly start their new lives together in-costume. That’s why DC has offered up the first glimpse of Selina’s wedding dress, as seen on Joëlle Jones’ cover for Batman #44.

That Batman cover made its debut at Polygon, and the wedding dress includes black patterns that form dagger-like shapes which envelop Selina’s upper and lower body. It’s definitely an eye-catching design. DC also shared some of Jones’ earlier designs for the dress.

And what of Master Wayne? Bruce is getting his own cover by artist Mikel Jani, which shows off his choice of wedding attire.

Somehow, we think that Bruce would probably be more comfortable in his Batman costume. We wouldn’t be shocked if Alfred picked this outfit, because the tails make it look really old fashioned. But Batman #44 is about more than just getting the wedding choices in place. Writer Tom King has set up a dual narrative, with Jani illustrating Bruce’s pages and Jones taking on Selina’s pages. The choice to tell the story with two artists suggests the issue will dive into perspectives of Bruce and Selina. They may be committed to their union, but they remain very different at their core.

The biggest shock about Batman and Catwoman’s wedding will be if it actually comes to pass. We already know that the Joker will do his best to disrupt it, and their other mutual enemies may eventually get wind of it as well. Batman #44 will be released on April 4, while the big wedding will be in Batman #50, which is coming on July 4.

What do you think about Catwoman and Batman’s wedding attire? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: DC Comics

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