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DC Collectibles Unveils Bombshells Action Figures and More

It had to happen eventually. DC Comics’ Bombshells statues, inspired by World War II nose cone and pin-up art began as a line of statues, became a successful comic, and now is finally becoming an action figure line in scale with most other DC Collectibles figures. Revealed on preview night of Comic-Con were baseball playing Batwoman, bomber Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Wonder Woman make up the first wave, loaded with articulation, multiple interchangeable hands and character-specific accessories.

We also got a look at the animated series Batwing, which is truly massive in a way the press images don’t convey. Bear in mind that the figures you see in this pic are seven inches tall.


The animated figure line will expand with the likes of Riddler, Catwoman, Superman with Lois Lane, and a Batman with interchangeable facial expressions and capes for a wide array of posing options.

While it has taken some time for DC Collectibles to do figures based on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, they took the time to do it right (the timing works somewhat better for Suicide Squad, represented as movie action figures and statues). Many of these figures have been previously announced, but the Jason Momoa Aquaman is new.

A three-foot tall Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot-style) with rooted hair┬ádominated the room, though her sword poked a bystander or two in unexpected places. There’s also a Gotham City Garage retro ’70s-style motorcycle statue with Wondy, and this scene-specific diorama from the upcoming movie:


DC Icons, the six-inch super-posable line designed to compete with Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, is getting additions like Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Etrigan. If those seem a little too hard-edged for your tastes, soft plushes of DC pets like Jumpa the kangaroo and a Joker Fish are eminently huggable.

Check out our gallery below for all this goodness and more that will break your pocketbook later in the year. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in comments.

Images: DC Collectibles

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