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DC COLLECTIBLES Shows Off New JUSTICE LEAGUE Statues, the BATCAVE, and More (Toy Fair 2017)

DC COLLECTIBLES Shows Off New JUSTICE LEAGUE Statues, the BATCAVE, and More (Toy Fair 2017)

Earlier this week we showed you DC Collectibles latest wave of DC Bombshell figures that debuted at Toy Fair 2017. Well, the fun didn’t stop with the Bombshells. Reported by Action Figure Insider, DC Collectibles has a whole slew of toys and statues ready for fans to devour. From Justice League to Batman: The Animated Series to DC Rebirth, here is a rundown of what we can expect in 2017.

Superman by Neal Adams Statue

Superman by Neal Adams

This awesome looking statue of the Man of Steel is based on Superman #233 drawn by the legendary Neal Adams. If you have ever wanted Superman in this classic pose, now is your chance.

Batman: The Animated Series Batcave Vignette


This set is the perfect compliment to your Batman: TAS action figure collection. This huge Batcave set is no statue, but a full playset that you can use with your 6″ Animated Series figures. It also comes with an Alfred figure, so you had best learn how to make plastic cucumber sandwiches.

Batman and Harley Quinn Battle Statue

Batman and Harley Quinn

If Batman wants to get to the Joker, he almost always has to go through Harley Quinn to get him. This statue exemplifies how much the Batman wants to put the Clown Prince of Crime down, and how Harley will do anything from stopping it from happening.

DC Icons: Nightwing and Death of Superman

Superman and Nightwing

As part of their Icons series, DC Collectibles will be releasing 6″ figures based on two of its most classic stories. First, we have Nightwing, as designed by Jim Lee from Hush. There will also be a two pack featuring Superman and Doomsday from Superman #75, where the Man of Steel (supposedly) gave his life to stop the unstoppable monster from wreaking more havoc.

Justice League Statues


In anticipation of the release of Justice League this November, here are 12″ statues depicting the entire League with their actors’ likenesses. Above is the Flash (Ezra Miller). Joining him will be Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman in tactical suit (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher.)

Batman: Black and White Statues


The Batman: Black and White statue line never disappoints. They decided to keep with that trend in 2017. Along with the Amanda Conner statue shown above, we’re also getting versions of Bats based on John Romita, Jr. and Jonathan Matthews. Amanda Conner also does double duty this time around with her version of Harley Quinn.

You can check out ALL of the DC Collectibles releases in the gallery below. Make sure you let your local comic shop know which ones you want to order!

So what do you think? Which of these items did DC hit out of the park? Is there a certain figure you are secretly anticipating? Let me know on Twitter or shake your figures violently to indicate they are talking in the comments below.

Images: DC Collectibles

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