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DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Writer Details Cut Rogue Scene

[Spoilers for Days of Future Past below]

For a movie already packed to the gills with mutant cameos (hell, I’m pretty sure the mutant scavenger in the opening was Kylun – and that’s obscure), at one point, X-Men: Days of Future Past has a meatier cameo for a former student of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Anna Paquin’s Rogue had an entire sequence that was lifted from the final cut of the film. Speaking with The Daily Beast, Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg explains what we’re missing:

“The Rogue/Anna Paquin scene was by far the biggest cut we made, and that was more my fault than anything. When I was crafting the script, I wanted to create a subplot for old Charles and old Eric — Patrick [Stewart] and Ian [McKellen] — to have a mini-mission together, one final adventure. And that’s what the Rogue sequence was — that they went to retrieve Rogue.”

Days of Future Past is, for the most part, a fairly compact film without too much fat slowing down the action. This little detour could be the kind of thing that’s great as a deleted scene on the DVD and Blu-ray but might have threatened to overwhelm a movie with plenty of characters and stakes already at play.

Kinberg agrees:

“It felt like it didn’t come from the spine of the film, it was an appendage where I just wanted to see the old guys get in the X-Jet for one last ride. It was a narrative detour, and in a film with this much momentum and narrative flow, you can’t afford any detours.”

Now if they’d come up with some extra scenes featuring Havok and the rest of the Vietnam vet mutants, I could have been onboard with that.

[Sources: The Daily Beast via Cinemablend]

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  1. Red Ninja says:

    who is kylun? i believe the sneaker was nate gray.

  2. crazy88 says:

    Rogue would have been a match for those Sentinels if Blink could teleport her behind one of them, would have been cool to see.

  3. Dude… there is DLC and Deleted stuff everywhere. Even LOTR had tons of extended stuff added back in for the home viewing. With such an expansive Universe like Marel’s why not make a few of these little “mini-episodes” to be watched when the DVD/Blu-Rays come out?

  4. Chris Sunday says:

    Shame, the scene was cut. It dealt with why The Sentinels are able to acquire mutant powers. Which was lifted from Rogue’s DNA. In similar fashion to to Mystique’s. It was actually this that changed the tide and cause the down fall of Mutants.

    • Psyphi says:

      Indeed. The way the movie plays now it appears that the Sentinels are getting Rogue’s mutant power from Mystique’s DNA. Kinda ruined the whole movie for me.

  5. Drew2.0 says:

    Funny…I totally thought I was supposed to be Nate grey. Same kid that Logan first sees in the rebooted future. 

  6. Emesge2y says:

    I assumed there was at least one major scene deleted from the theatrical release since Anna Paquin had such a high billing order.  Hope it’s included in DVD release.

    • ColinJ says:

      I noticed her billing, too.
      She was three or four above Peter Dinklage, which was very strange.