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David Schwimmer Makes Friends, Dana Carvey Makes An Impression: The Week In Podcasts

Greetings from humid Chicago and Podcast Movement 2016, where I’m communing with other podcasters and… sweating. But helping me through the moisture are all the great shows we had this week on the Nerdist Podcast Network, such as:

David Schwimmer visited the Nerdist Podcast and the conversation ran to pre-acting jobs, classic comedy, theater, his parents’ influence, and how Friends became big among generations too young to have seen the show in its first run. Also, chess. David/s new show Feed the Beast is on AMC.

Dana Carvey came by the Nerdist Podcast to talk about his career, making impressions that became the standard, early stand-up experiences, and working on Saturday Night Live Dana has a special on Netflix and is heard in The Secret Life of Pets, opening today.

We only got one Jonah Keri Podcast this week, but it was a good one, especially for baseball fans: Tim Kurkjian talked about the best pitchers ever, keeping score, Cal Ripken’s pickup basketball games, and baseball stories galore.

More guests: Writers Guild of America West VP David Goodman and David Slack talking union stuff on The Writers Panel; John Ross Bowie, Josh Brener, and James Pumphrey analyzing The Bachelorette on Will You Accept This Rose?; Spike Feresten discussing his illustrious comedy writing career and car matchmaking on Chewin’ It; Artist Mattia Biagi on a second Pro You for the week, following another Pro You Live Experience; MadTV‘s Lyric Lewis on Pop My Culture; Chip Chantry and Chris Burden on a live Todd Glass Show from the Kennedy Center in D.C.; Comic Kevin Barnett on You Made It Weird; and graphic novelist Sina Grace on Love, Alexi.

Plus: Jackie and Laurie talked about merch, Botox, and “Mitch McConnell Chin,” among other topics, on The Jackie and Laurie Show; Greg and Dave ran down the NHL’s free agent signings as the summer recess approaches on Puck Soup; A co-worker’s friend’s strange tale took center stage on Bizarre States; Brent and Rob F contemplated whether “Free Play” is an appropriate title or whether all episodes are essentially “Free Plays” on a soccer-game-themed Legacy Music Hour; Alex, Alison, and Tom found a new way for you to do charity work and get hairy palms in the bargain on Half Hour Happy Hour;and a new Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction featured Adam Newman, Matt McCarrthy, Joe Kilgallon, and Jordan Doll waxing rude and funny.

Reminder: it’s all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. Go there, and also subscribe to all the shows you like. No sweat.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: AMC

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