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DAREDEVIL #595 Writer Talks Where Marvel Legacy Will Take the Man Without Fear

Things are about to get pretty rough for the man without fear. Marvel’s Legacy rollout continues this November with Daredevil #595 by writer Charles Soule and artist Stefano Landini. This momentous event will be heralded by a new storyline titled “Mayor Fisk.” Yeah, you read that right–as in Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. He’s gonna be mayor of New York City! Like we said, things are gonna get rough for Daredevil.

“I’ve designed the start of the Legacy story to work perfectly for any readers who haven’t been checking out Daredevil for a while, although it will also work perfectly for anyone who’s been following my run so far,” Soule told Nerdist. “As we’ll see, everything I’ve been doing up to this point was really about getting the pieces in place for this story. I’m treating my run like one big novel, and what we’ll see here is really all the chickens coming home to roost.”

Obviously, the chickens, in this case, could easily by murderous crime lords and roosting could be taking political office. “What I’ll say is that Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock–as well as their alter egos, Kingpin and Daredevil–have very particular views about what’s right for the city they share,” Soule said. “They both love it, but as far as what’s best for NYC, they couldn’t be more opposite.”

He continued, “One thing that’s always helped Matt in his fights against Fisk is that he’s had the law on his side. The Kingpin of Crime is… the Kingpin of Crime, and so by definition he couldn’t really operate in the open. In this Legacy story, that has changed. The city belongs to the Kingpin, which means, in many ways, Daredevil is the outlaw. I think it’ll make for a really interesting story.”

Daredevil #595 from Marvel Comics

The cover for Daredevil #595 is the handiwork of Bill Sienkiewicz, a man who has added a great deal to the character’s legacy over the years. In fact, artistically, Daredevil as probably had more prolific artists working on it over the years than any other title. It’s a like a breeding ground for the next big thing in the industry.”There are many great artists who have worked on this character and knowing I will be part of this group is an honor for me,” Landini said. “When they [approached] me to work on Daredevil it was like a dream come true.” Landini’s dark style certainly fits with the current state of Daredevil and he’s drawing inspiration from classic runs. “I have to mention Miller and Mazzucchelli’s ‘Born Again,’ surely one of my favorites. Then Quesada’s ‘Devil Father’ for the dark atmosphere.”

When it comes to the number on the cover, Soule can’t help but be excited. As a proponent of the #1 issue, we wonder how he felt about the switch back to the title’s original numbering. “This is part of a large initiative designed to celebrate the long, impressive history of Marvel storytelling,” Soule said. “So, I think it feels a little different than a standard creative team relaunch situation. Plus, I’m pretty jazzed that this is happening when we’re pretty darn close to Daredevil #600. That’s an incredible opportunity for me as a writer, and I’m excited to see what we can do with it.”

That perhaps will be the biggest trick Daredevil #595 has to pull off–honoring the legacy of the title while still continuing to tell the story Soule had laid out. “This is still part of the larger story I’ve been telling since Daredevil #1, but a lot of that story has been about an evolution for Daredevil,” Soule said. “A lot of the questions we had at the start–why does Daredevil have his secret identity back? Why is he working in the DA’s office? Who is this Blindspot guy? Will Matt and Foggy ever patch things up? Why did he come back to NYC?–have been answered, and so now the shift will be towards exploring the consequences of the decisions Matt made to reset his own status quo. Daredevil’s story is always one of big wins and terrible losses, and that’s going to continue here.”

It’s those “big wins and terrible losses” that make Daredevil who he is. The dude suffers. A lot. So, we had to ask the creative just how crappy things were going to get for Matt Murdock, on a scale of one to 10. “I think at least seven out of 10, but I’m not too sure,” Landini said. “You know, it could always get worse.”

Soule, on the other hand, wouldn’t give us a number, but he had a somewhat ominous take on things: “If Matt’s not recovering from some massive psychological trauma or about to go through some, it’s not Daredevil, and that’s this story for sure.”

Daredevil #595 hits comic shops this November. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride, for sure. For more from Marvel Legacy, read our interviews with the minds behind Spirit of Vengeance and U.S.Avengers.

Images: Marvel

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