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Daniel Radcliffe Shared a Photo of HARRY POTTER and Neville Before 1st Movie Filmed

How do you prepare when you have just been cast in a role that will see a classic war waged between the forces of good and evil–an epic battle that will be played out for all the world to see? You go to a wrestling show obviously.

Daniel Radcliffe shared an old photo of a very young Matthew Lewis, who you might know better as Neville Longbottom, and himself at a WWF show (the old moniker for the WWE) in England from 2001, two days before they started filming the first Harry Potter movie. Radcliffe says that they were brought there by one of the movie’s producers, David Heyman, and the only bummer about this picture is that Rupert Grint who was also there with them isn’t in it too. (He was probably at the concession stand getting another snack.)

…..I feel very old right now.

As for what’s actually happening in the picture, he pointed out how everyone else seems to be jeering the entrance of William Regal, but that they “weren’t quite brave enough to boo him.” Well, considering William Regal is English that would have been rude anyway, but even if William Regal was playing a bad guy at the time (known as a “heel” in wrestling lingo), he is totally awesome. So in spite of Radcliffe’s lime green zip-top, looking back on it now they are the coolest people in the photo.

(Because I know at least a couple of you are wondering, Regal lost that night to Chris Jericho.)

Not only did Radcliffe share a cool throwback picture with his fans, he stayed loyal to House Gryffindor and promoted Lewis’s second season of Happy Valley on Netflix. For both the photo and encouraging people to watch his friend’s show we award 50 points to House Gryffindor.

For the lime green top we deduct 10.

Have any other photos of a young Harry Potter cast out there you like? Share them with us too, right here in the comments section below.

HT: HelloGiggles

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