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Daniel Craig Had a Cameo in THE FORCE AWAKENS and It’s Way Cooler Than You Think

The name’s Bond, James Bond.

Hello sir. My name is C-3PO.

Okay, it wasn’t quite like that, but it turns out that James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, did in fact have a cameo in The Force Awakens, we just didn’t know it.

Chris Lee over at Entertainment Weekly reported the news, which Craig personally denied to Lee months ago. You can probably already guess how someone as famous and recognizable as Craig could appear in the biggest movie on the planet and not have anyone know it, but just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want anything spoiled, stop here, go see the movie, then come back and continue reading because it’s actually awesome.


Hello again. Anyway, Craig had been filming Spectre right next to where they were filming The Force Awakens. There had been a rumor he had donned a Stormtrooper suit and made an anonymous cameo in the film (Simon Pegg was apparently the one who let that slip), but when asked by Lee he adamantly denied it.

Sources now say that not only did Craig do just that, but he played the stormtrooper in one of the movie’s most memorable scenes.

Want to take a second to guess? It was really cool and definitely an homage to another famous encounter between someone with a British accent and a feeble-minded trooper.

Yeah that’s right, it was Craig that Rey manipulated into releasing her from her restraints. That tough-talking, but easily tricked, trooper was 007 himself. It must have been weird for Craig to play a scene where he puts a gun down and walks away, but it was cool nonetheless.

Where does this rank on your favorite, secret movie cameos list? You will tell us in the comments below. You will tell us in the comments below.

Image: Columbia Pictures

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