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Dance Moves Abound in This STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Blooper Reel

While he may be working heavily on Star Wars: Episode 7 for Disney at the moment, it wasn’t too long ago that J. J. Abrams and co. were having a grand ol’ time on the deck of the Enterprise in their reboot of the beloved Star Trek franchise, the last movie of which, Star Trek Into Darkness, was released a little over a year ago. While there were some criticisms, it’s hard to argue that the sequel didn’t deliver on plenty of summer thrills and a cast that was clearly enjoying what they were doing. Now, after all this time, a blooper reel from the film has made its way online, and it shows off just that:

Even going back to the days of Felicity and Alias, Abrams has always found ways to make his sets inviting. The man is a kid at heart, and you can tell that that sensibility rubbed off in a big way on his cast for Star Trek. These people love each other, and love the material they’re creating too. And that’s what filmmaking’s really all about, loving the work you’re putting out and the people you’re putting it out with.

We also have to give it up to the cast for their various and highly impressive dance moves that are put on display at the end of the video. But, honestly, who wouldn’t dance their pants off on the Enterprise if given the opportunity?

With any luck, these kinds of shenanigans are currently taking place on the set of Star Wars, because if they are, it means everyone on the film is having a great time making the movie, which will surely lead to a film to be reckoned with when it hits theaters next year.

What do you think of the blooper reel? Let us know in the comments below.

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