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Dalek Rap on “Britain’s Got Talent”

Martyn Croft busts his Dalek hip hop lyrics on Britain’s Got Talent with a rhinestone covered saucepan, and backup Dalek dancers. Unfortunately, Simon Cowell was not impressed, and buzzed Martyn halfway through the song.  Good news for Martyn is that Simon doesn’t have the final vote, and the people of Britain can vote for him to move on or not.  Move over Jay-Z, we have a new lyricist in town.

Check out Martyn’s original audition below.  It wasn’t as flashy, and he definitely stepped it up a notch!

(Yeah, we know, now it’s “blocked on this website.” But you can click through and see it on YouTube)

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  1. Praus says:

    Blocked on this website…thats sad. Guess they don’t want people to view their stuff, so I won’t, ever.

  2. Captyn says:

    Dude, you’d be surprised what you can make a living off of…

    Get through, win or lose, that guy’ll get club bookings for a year, if he’s clever, dicking about with a pan on his head will earn him a deposit for a house.

    …and if he’s got a routine with chicks dressed up as Slitheen dancing girls, he’ll be able to get a car to put in the driveway…

  3. Al says:

    Actually i was a bit harsh… he sounds like the old (the actually old) Doctor Who Daleks. and i like doctor Who, but c’mon! You cannot make a living off of that.

  4. Al says:

    That was awful IMO, but i applaud his balls.

    Unfortunately he sounds more like some dude gargling, or a guy using a very fast but not complete tremolo effect even. All i know is that i didn’t here a Dalek, I didn’t here good rap, and I didn’t feel well after listening, but again, I must applaud his balls.

  5. David Cole says:

    That took a lot of what the professionals call ‘cojones’. C’mon Britain, push this guy through so we can see what he does next. Please?