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Dalek Comes to Hollywood

As you might have heard Matt Smith was in Los Angeles on Monday to appear on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson (and the Nerdist podcast).  Well, it looks as if he was followed as a Dalek was spotted on Santa Monica Blvd.  Seems like the Dalek just wanted a piece of the spotlight as he made his way onto the Late Show as well.  Or it will just kill us all.

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Judging HARRY POTTER Wands By How Aesthetically Pleasing They Are

A Definitive Ranking of All the Candy from WILLY WONKA

A Definitive Ranking of All the Candy from WILLY WONKA





  1. Pixie says:

    Ryan, if you have Netflix, many of the old Who serials are available for online streaming.

    I’m unabashedly a Ten(he was my first) but I wasn’t disappointed by Smith’s portrayal at all. All I really cared about was Who being back.

  2. Ryan says:

    Okay so I only started watching Doctor Who like 1 year ago because I just got DircTV like 1 years ago and I had always thought when somebody explained it to me “hmm, that sound really amazing.” So I watched it and I thought “Man! This is amazing!” and never stopped watching since. I then went online, watched all of the new series and alot of the classics. So, as implied by me saying “I started watching it one years ago” Matt Smith was “my” Doctor, but after seeing all of the new series, I still like David more, I just took hi ore seriously but I guess some people like more “fun” Doctors, I do, but he’s just a little two quirky. I still like him though.

    P.S. My absolute favorite Doctor is Tom Baker.

    P.P.S. May as well just list the in order now.
    1. Tom Baker
    2. David Tennant
    3. Sylvester McCoy
    4. Matt Smith
    5. Jon Pertwee
    6. Peter Davidson
    7. Patrick Troughton
    8. Colin Baker
    9. Christopher Eccelstein
    10. Paul McGaan (I had to look him up, freakin guy appearing in 1 story)
    Now, since I have not seen William Hartnell in an episode (impossible to find on the internet) I cannot judge him. Yes, in one year I have seen at least on performance by each of the Doctors. Don’t judge me.

  3. deb says:

    Rich was nothing short of brilliant with his observation above!
    So…I guess it is relevant that the topic of some people not thinking Scots sound Scottish rose its confused head here–seeing as how Craig Ferguson has it happen to him from time to time, as well!
    Still always surprises a Celt like me….

  4. Selene says:

    God that episode made me laugh. I love that Craig made Matt laugh so much. That’s what was really funny to me. 🙂 Chris, let me just say this, you are a god! Loved your appearance on the show. I hope you’re on more. 😀

  5. Brianimator says:

    Hey Chris,
    When are you going to have fellow Dr. Whophile and badass astronomer Phil Plaitt on the old nerdcast? He can teach us about flying saucers, Moon hoaxes, and terror from the skies!

  6. Alex says:

    I got a phone call from my friend about Matt Smith being on the podcast and I freakin’ flipped. I screamed like the scream-y fan girl I am. Thank you Chris Hardwick. Thank you.

  7. Samantha says:

    I’m pretty sure I squealed when Matt Smith mentioned being on your podcast. Can’t wait!

  8. coco says:

    Ooooh, if they got Steven Moffat on the show too, it would have been too much awesome, wouldn’t it? Great show last night, anyway. Seems like everyone had a blast.

    In the new DW series, Tennant was great, but so were Eccleston and now Smith – they all brought something unique to the role, and I love them all! I think the producers and writers are just really good at picking the right actor each time to be The Doctor.

    Can’t wait for the Matt Smith podcast!

  9. JJ says:

    We need to start a campaign for Craig to be the 12th Doctor.

  10. Jess Q. says:

    The show was awesome! Chris – I seriously busted a gut when you referenced Daleks in Manhattan, of all the episodes! Your love for David Tennant is endearing. We should kidnap him and force him to play Doctor with us. Well not in THAT way. Although… any excuse to get him to say “allons-y.”

    P.S. If you ever cosplay as something for any reason at all (say at Comic Con), you’d make a good Tenth Doctor. You’ve got the really great hair, you’d just have to dye it! I mean, I might explode from crossover awesomeness if you cosplayed as him, since I liked you before new Who existed/took over my life. But I think I’d be okay with exploding if was due to seeing you wearing a tight-fitting pinstriped suit. Think about it!

    P.P.S. It’s 5AM and I’ll probably regret making this comment when I wake up. In advance: Sorry, and I’m mortified. (But I’m not really.)

  11. @leigh
    ““…kill us all”
    Didn’t you meant to say… “exterminate us all?””
    It was lost in the translation from the original English to Gaelic.

  12. Deltus says:

    I LOVED Tennant’s Doctor, but Smith had me at “You’re Scottish, fry something.” Learning to love the new Doctor is a part of the show, it’s a bittersweet reality of the Doctor’s “existence”.

  13. Aoife says:

    Hang on there Cieloan. There are some people out who still can’t watch the newer series because of what you might call an obsession w/Tom Baker or the like. It’s very easy for people to grow attached to a Doctor as ‘their’ Doctor as many people did with Tennant. It doesn’t matter how good Matt is some people find it hard to transition.


  14. Cieloan says:

    Isaiah, Amy sounds very Scottish. Sooo, I guess it’s just you. ^o~

    Also, to anyone who hasn’t watched the fifth season yet b/c of some obsession w/ David Tennant: Yes, Tennant was an amazing doctor, but HE watches Matt Smith. And likes him in the role.
    If you can’t move on to the next doctor, then you’ve kind of missed the point.

  15. SpookSquad says:

    People say the new guy is great, but I still can’t watch it yet. I saw a tiny bit of one of the new episodes, when it premiered, and couldn’t watch it. Still can’t.

  16. Yesenia says:


    I remember being that close to a Dalek after the Doctor Who panel at Comic Con in 2009! 🙂 So glad to see it out and about again.

  17. farsighted99 says:

    Whose Dalek is that, anyway? Did Matt come with a Dalek from London? Or is that Russell T. Davie’s Dalek? Quite hilarious. 😀

    And Jesper, get with the program. David Tennant was damn good, but Matt is awesome. You’ll forget about Tennant at “can I have an apple?”

  18. Jesper says:

    I kept waiting for the Dalek to extrapolate Craig’s DNA whenever he touched it and burst back to life in a human-exterminating frenzy like with Rose Tyler in season 1.

    Still on season 4… is Matt Smith really as good as Tennant?

  19. Isaiah says:

    That is AWESOME!! I’m definitely watching him tonight. Sweet!

    But is it just me or does Amy not sound Scottish at all?

  20. leigh says:

    “…kill us all”

    Didn’t you meant to say… “exterminate us all?”

  21. Eric says:

    You beat me to it Jonathan! No shame in Doctor Who love, none at all. Quite jealous of you Chris for getting to chat with Matt Smith, as he has quickly become “My” Doctor over the past series. Will be interesting to see how he evolves over the coming years.

  22. Jonathan says:

    I was going to be all super nerdy and say that’s a Dalek from the Cult of Skaro. But the recognition code is inverted from the Skaro ones.

    ……. That actually still makes me INCREDIBLY nerdy….