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Da Man Of Steel (SPOILER, Maybe, Sorta. Avert Your Eyes)

So I go halfway across the country to Chicago for a work assignment and the first thing I run into is a film crew, and smoke from distant brush fires creating a haze over the city. Just like home!  It turns out that they’re shooting some of the Zack Snyder-directed, Henry Cavill-starring Superman reboot, Man of Steel, in Chicago, and I happened to walk up Wacker Drive while the crew was there. Actually, other than one sequence just rolling around the corner at Michigan Avenue, I didn’t see any action at all, but I did see craft services, and I was tempted to grab some food, because, hey, I’m at the outer fringes of show business — we’re all family, right? Er, no.

WARNING: The following might, construed a certain way, be a spoiler.  Or not.  But the movie won’t come out until 2013, so you’ll probably forget by then.

But there’s some construction going on at a building on that block, and the above poster is on a wall facing where the movie was shooting. The logo of the actual construction company is on there, but I don’t know if the construction company or the production company is responsible for it. Either way, I love it, because it took someone’s attention for detail to create it. If you look closely at the bottom, the logos are for the “Daily Planet Reconstruction Fund,” a couple of City of Metropolis agencies, the United Constructionists union, the “Metropolis Green Building Initiative,” and the “Metropolis Transit Authority.” The title on the poster and the Daily Planet thing might provide hints to what happens in the movie, but you can always assume something like that will happen in a Superman movie, right? Sure.  Let’s call it a possible spoiler until the eventual trailers show what we can assume they’ll show, meaning things being attacked and blowing up. Or did you expect Zack Snyder to make a tender, romantic, low-key indie out of this?

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  1. CERN says:

    I don’t know if you guys have noticed but if you look very closely at the bottom right window on the building you can see a red cape flying.

  2. PapaFrita says:

    “’Daily Planet Reconstruction Fund,’ a couple of City of Metropolis agencies, the United Constructionists union, the ‘Metropolis Green Building Initiative,’ and the ‘Metropolis Transit Authority.'”

    Clearly, Superman will be returning to his roots: fighting socialism.

  3. SHOGUN says:

    @Megan Ringenbach

    This is Zack Snyder we’re talking about here. Albeit with Christopher Nolan backing him, but still its Zack Snyder. It’s gonna be porn!

  4. Megan Ringenbach says:

    I still can’t believe the superman costume they came up with. Porn porn porn. It better have a deeper script than porn.

  5. Jay Hernandez says:

    @ Ben, Congrats, your a douche.
    Hope this shit actually works, compared to Thor and Cap, DC’s flicks are sucking ass. Superman’s the shit, at least in comic and cartoon form.

  6. Ben says:


    awesome! cant wait

    btw that was the first time i did a “first” in any comment section