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Cyber Monday Sales, New Show T-shirts & More Are Coming to the Nerdist Store!

Today, we’ll be offering all sorts of sweet, sweet deals AND debuting brand new shirts from all your favorite Nerdist shows. We’ve also heard you were looking for different cuts and sizes in the store, so there will be women’s versions available for each of these new t-shirts. On Cyber Monday itself, there will be free shipping on all orders, and throughout the week we’ll also be sharing 10% off codes on each of the Nerdist Shows. Make sure you tune in to each show to find each show’s super special discount code.

Here’s the full schedule so you can get all your turkeys in a row:

Monday, December 1st: The one and only Jessica Chobot will premiere the first official Nerdist News shirt, PLUS free shipping on all orders!

Tuesday, December 2nd: Superhuman Dan Casey will model his show’s brand new shirt at 9am PT on The Dan Cave.

Wednesday, December 3rd: Stay positive – and stylish – as Malik “White Pants” Forte reveals a video game-inspired tee at 9am PT on Nerdist: Play.

Thursday, December 4th: Prepare to learn about the science of awesome t-shirts as Kyle Hill debuts the first Because Science attire.

Which t-shirt will you be buying for your friends and family next week? What else would you like to see in the Nerdist Store? Don’t you think grandma would looove Nerdist News? Let us know in the comments below, stay posted to the Nerdist shows all next week for your chance to snag a 10% off discount code, and enjoy your tryptophan-induced coma!

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  1. Teresa Bittinger says:

    Do you have a pay-pal ? because if you do you can include an additional 600 a week in your paycheck just working on the internet for a couple of hours each day. see this

  2. Jess says:

    Nerdist TRAVEL coffee mugs. 

  3. Louis van Niekerk says:

    To the Sexy Mr. With the Thor Hammer … You may enter my Asgard any day!

  4. Michelle C says:

    Nerdist cookie cutters, stickers and phone/tablet cases (especially for Samsung products)

  5. -Di. says:

    I would like to see women sizes/styles.  Unisex stuff is horrible if you aren’t a man.