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Crazy Colin Furze Celebrated With a 5,000 Firework Death Star

“Firework Death Star”

Those three words together might sound like a silly Mad Lib, but when you find out it’s actually just the latest creation from real life, (non-evil) mad genius Colin Furze then they make complete sense.

YouTube‘s very own lunatic recently hit three million subscribers, so he decided to celebrate the only way he knows how, by making a giant, crazy-ass, probably-way-too-dangerous device that shoots a whole bunch of fireworks. Five thousand fireworks actually, 58 boxes-worth all electronically wired together to create a massive display that when set off really did look like Luke had just fired a torpedo into its exhaust pipe.

Karl Beadle, who operated a drone used to film the celebration, also put together a behind-the-scenes video of the construction process, because insanity at this size doesn’t just happen without hard work.

We’re running out of ways to describe these insane creations from Furze, who finds ever more epic and dangerous methods to entertain and horrify. Also, if this is what he does at three million subscriptions, what might he do at four or five million? How about if he ever gets to ten million? At what number of followers is the safety of the entire planet in play? Might he one day make a board with a nail so big it will destroy us all?


But that’s a worry for another day, because right now we’re going to simply enjoy the fact that a crazy man really did make a Firework Death Star.

What’s your favorite Colin Furze creation? Fire into our comments section below with your thoughts.

Images: Colin Furze

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