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Cosplay Friday #46


The world sits in anxious anticipation of Sunday night, everyone waiting and prognosticating about what will be the final fate of Walter White and co. on the Breaking Bad finale. Will he live? Will he die? Will he get away with it?

And most important for this column’s sake; What was he wearing?

If Heisenberg was smart, he’d take a tip from one of today’s cosplay standouts, from the weekly feature we like to call Cosplay Friday. 

‘Cause fashion is way less dangerous than meth.


Wait; Samus is a girl?!?! (That will never get old.)


Though her thighs might not be as grotesquely and freakishly large as her videogame counterpart, this is a pretty awesome Chun-Li cosplay.


Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplay or a random picture from this years Burning Man? The world will never know.


Alice’s dentistry work left a lot to be desired.


Awesome Perona/One Piece cosplay! The only thing it’s missing is that ghost, but I’ll let it slide.


A great Sailor Mars cosplay which begs an interesting question; where do all these cosplayers find domes/bridges/seemingly abandoned tunnels to do their shoots in? I want access to the Thunderdome!


Ummm, Felicia? I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to eat- ah, ya know what? Never mind.


They REALLY need to have a talk with the janitorial staff of High School of the Dead.


Tired of being made fun of for walking so much, the Hobbits try a different route.


Attack on Green-Screen


Dig my choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world?Kindly leave a comment, email me , check out my YouTube channel, or hit me up on the Twitter machine.

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  1. tim cahil says:

    So…three days later and the Hobbits error is still there. Come on, racist, make the change.

  2. Matt H says:

    Hobbits? You just lost your Nerd Cred Matt Cohen.

  3. Sam says: