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Cosplay Friday: #35


Every week, I come up with a (hopefully) witty and original introduction for this column; and next week, I’ll be back at it. This time around, however, I thought I’d let the cosplays speak for themselves. Because… cosplay is awesome.

Here’s your weekly look at the web’s best, boldest, and most bizarre cosplays, in a feature we like to call Cosplay Friday. Why? Because say it with me: cosplay is awesome.


Seras from Hellsing: Ultimate wants you to follow her that way, and I suggest you listen (Those don’t look like contacts)


Riku and Sora were excited about playing the new Kingdom Hearts 3DS game, but were defeated by the evil forces of the sun.


“Hey Matt! Put this Portal 2 cosplay into Cosplay Friday, or you’re about to take an unwanted vacation.”


Look out!!! She’s got kawaii bombs!


“We cosplay hard, and we nap hard,” said this sleepy group of MsPaint Adventurers.


This Psycho Pass 2 cosplayer is a BIG fan of Man of Steel.

You might think Scooby Doo is taking this picture, but that’s ridiculous; Scrappy took the picture.



I think I’m in love… with that controller. Hey, Ore–Sama, get out of the way!

Meanwhile in Prussia, the forecast calls for weirdness.

Dig my choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world? Kindly leave a quemment, email me , check out my Youtube channel, or hit me up on the Twitter machine. 

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