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Cosplay Friday #34


June gloom is in full effect, and if it’s not overcast, it’s brutally hot. How can one look “fashionable” and dress for the season at the same time? Is it possible to look cool in flip-flops? When is a tank-top not the answer?

Maybe we should take a page out of the cosplayer handbook, and just dress how we feel; and luckily for us, cosplayers feel awesome (that doesn’t sound right). Here’s a little bit of stylistic inspiration, in a column we like to call Cosplay Friday. As always, I’ve combed the internet for the best, brightest and most bad-ass cosplay the world has to offer. ‘Cause there’s nothing better on a hot summer day then a cool, refreshing blast of cosplay awesomeness.


This Darth Helmet cosplay by 9 month old Atom Tesla Ollom is so great, that the devious Wil Wheaton tried to steal him. (Sent to us by Darth’s mom!)


“And this, Mulan… is the Disney vault. Try and overlook the dead bodies.”


deviantArt’er Vera-Baby knows that some day her prince will come… or at the very least her tattoo artist to touch up those sleeves.


This Evangelion cosplay is almost as impressive as Misato’s ability to stand upright (kind of) in those shoes!

Jack Sparrow is “method drinking”, and the off camera store-owner is “method judging”


Super Moon Princess” #Topical

A Fate/Zero cosplayer bored by her invitation to Puff Daddy’s White Party.


These Harley Quinns speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil, but they have no problem with braining someone with an oversized mallet. Priorities.

Juliet puts down her weapon and picks up a beverage. Lollypop-Binge Drinker.


ruggala08 isn’t dressed like Sandman; he’s got eczema and it’s not polite to stare.

Dig my choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world? Kindly leave a quemment, email me or hit me up on the Twitter machine. 

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  1. Ricky Brand says:

    Hello fellow lovers of Cosplay,

    We are putting an event together @ The Disneyland Hotel:
    entry to “the Itty Bitty Mini CosCon @ The Disneyland Hotel”
    with a Costume contest with cash prizes and Brunch
    Ticket to the Disneyland Halloween event
    a Parkhopper ticket for the next day
    3 nights at the Disneyland Hotel for 20-25% savings

    It will fill fast so please tell your friends.

    Thank you,

  2. michaelalexkawa says:

    Are you even sure that the person is cosplaying as Misato from Evangelion ,because I can’t see it . Just an opinion …sorry because it is a cool outfit and all .