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Cosplay Friday #158 – Spidey-Pool, Belle, and More

Deadpool and Spider-Man. I didn’t know I needed to see those two costumes mashed together until I came across Spider_Inferno’s work. He made a fantastic Spidey-Pool ensemble, and it deserves all the attention in this week’s Cosplay Friday. He didn’t pull together the masterpiece on his own. Spider Inferno turned to a few different resources to bring his costume to life. He came up with the concept and Claude Bernier-Tremblay helped. Brandon Gilbert made the pattern for the supersuit, while The RPC Studio actually made the finished product. Nathan DeLuca crafted the armor pieces, Grifter’s Custom Creations built the belt, and Chibbiti Cosplay used silicone to make the web sheath.

Whew. All sorts of people had their hands on this costume, which I think Deadpool would appreciate.

And hey, this is a fine time to remind people that purchasing ready-made costume pieces or commissioning stuff doesn’t make someone any less of a cosplayer. That would be dumb.

Spidey-Pool! | Source: spider_inferno

And the finished version of the costume:

Follow Spider Inferno Cosplay on Instagram to see more in-progress pics and and costumes.

Don’t leave yet. There are more costumes in the gallery below, including Matt Murdock from Daredevil, a couple of League of Legends looks, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and more.

Are you a cosplayer or cosplay photographer? I’d love to include your work in a future installment of Cosplay Friday. Leave links to pictures in the comments, upload them to Instagram and tag or mention me, or send me images on Twitter. Don’t forget to include all the credits on the cosplay and photography sides so I can share with the class.


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