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Cosplay Friday #153 – Belle, FINAL FANTASY VII, and More

Another week has come to a close, and that means it’s time to round up the bestest (technical term) costumes I’ve seen around the web. When I search for costumes to include in Cosplay Friday, I look for a little bit of everything. Sometimes the unique factor of a cosplay catches my eye, sometimes it’s the obviously huge amount of work that went into making it, and sometimes it’s stellar photography. Often, it’s a combination of the three. I’m dazzled by creativity on a regular basis. Case in point, this bejeweled take on Belle from Beauty and the Beast:

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) | Source: Lady Rose Tea Cosplay, photo by MatBedeArtwork

The gown is elegant and different than what I normally see Belle. The cosplayer also has the coolest prop from the film, and the photo is beautifully lighted and composed. It looks like Belle is actually in the forbidden West Wing.

Guess what? There are more costumes in the gallery below. Keep scrolling to see a rad gender bent take on Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII, Skull Kid, Link and Zelda from Legend of Zelda, Mako from The Legend of Korra, and more.

Remember: I’d love to include photos of your costumes (or your photos if you’re a cosplay photographer) in future editions of Cosplay Friday. Leave links to pictures in the comments, tag or mention me on Instagram, or send photos to me on Twitter. Let me know your website or Facebook cosplay page and include photographer credits if you have them.


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