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Cosplay at Disney’s STAR WARS Half Marathon Weekend

Do you know how I know Disney works magic? They make running look fun. runDisney hosted the inaugural Star Wars 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon at Disneyland Resort over the weekend, and I stared longingly at social media wishing I was there. I’ve never felt that way about running. Events kicked off with a Wookiee Welcome Party, there were Star Wars themed treats, and both cast members and runners wore costumes. Nick Arciniaga took first place in the half marathon, but as far as I’m concerned, anyone possessing the fortitude to wear a costume and run in it wins too. There should be a special trophy.

I rounded up some of my favorite ensembles from the races and they include BB-8, Max Rebo, Elsa Fett, and many more. Take a look:


BB-8 droids | Source: Skywalking through Neverland

Anyone else planning to sign up for the next Star Wars marathon? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jess says:

    It was an AMAZING day! My first half-marathon. TONS of people in cosplay cheering us on. Incredible running through a fairly empty Disneyland. Tons of high school bands, along the route, playing the soundtrack. I cried, like, 8 or 9 times, heh.

  2. Gail Savidge says:

    OMG! We’re the #TinkTroopers

  3. Gail Savidge says:

    OMG! We’re the #TinkTroopets

  4. Lupe says:

    This was my first Disney run, I did it because of the Star Wars theme. Two of my favorite things, running and Star Wars!!  It was amazing. The first 5 or so miles were in the park at 5:30AM, only  runners, employees and Star Wars characters. AWESOME. Once we ran into town, there were tons of people dressed up cheering us on. Mile 8 was jam packed with Boba Fett’s, Lando’s, Stormtroopers, Darths. Best half marathon experience so far!!! I hope they do it again next year. Go to to see pics and videos. Super fun!!!!

  5. Libertad w says:

    Yes! I swore I would not run a disney race in 2015, seeing these pics all weekend was so hard. I missed it. I’ll be there next year for sure. rebel challenge 2016 here I come. Run you must! 

  6. Brian says:

    I had a blast at the Rebel Challenge this year! It’s definitely on my event list for ’16. Maybe I’ll do a costume for both the 10K and half. 

  7. Mll Groove says:

    Avengers SuperHeroes Half Marathon was my first ever RunDisney experience.  Star Wars Half Marathon was my second RunDisney run.  Avengers’ race was lacking in costumed characters inside the Disneyland and our run through the park was short.  
    In comparison, Star Wars event had more special touches and we our route through the park was about 4 miles.  There were also more photo ops with MarathonFoto inside and outside the park.  There were also RunDisney staff out on the course for runners to take pictures with costumed volunteers.  
    After Avengers, I didn’t think I’d want to return for another RunDisney race, but after experiencing Star Wars, I think I want to be a legacy for #LetTheWookieeWin.  Well, done.