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Cool (Free) Posters From NASA Need You to Help Explore Mars

It’s simple really: you can’t have a colony on Mars if you don’t have colonists. And turning the Red Planet into a thriving outpost of humanity will require lots of different people with a wide variety of skills to make it all work, which is why NASA has released their very cool “Mars Explorers Wanted” posters, to let you know they can’t do it without your help.

Mars-Explorers-Wanted-NASA-Recruitment-PosterHike the solar system’s largest canyon, Valles Marineris on Mars,
where you can catch blue sunsets in the twilight, and see
the two moons of Mars (Phobos and Deimos) in the night sky.

This batch of posters, reminiscent of both military recruitment and 1950s space travel ads, are looking to fill the many jobs that will need to be done when we eventually get to Mars. They were first made in 2009 as part of an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex, and now NASA has now made them all available for download online, free of charge. (The only size available is 30 x 48 inches at full-scale.)

Mars-Work-The-Night-Shift-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-600xNight owls welcome! If you lived on Mars’ moon Phobos, you’d have an office with
a view, mining for resources with Mars in the night sky. Settlers below on
Mars would see Phobos rise and set not once, but twice in one day!

Besides the call for “explorers” and a broad, Uncle Sam-style “We Need You” astronaut point, the posters also call for people to work the night shift on the Martian moon Phobos, for farmers, surveyors, teachers, technicians, and construction workers.

I hope they also remember to hire some cooks and recruit an entire sanitation department, because I’ve seen The Martian five times and I want to make sure nothing funny goes on with either of those two fields.

We have the rest of these beautiful posters in our gallery below, so make sure you check them all out.

Which one is your favorite? What job would you most like to apply for on Mars? We need you to tell us your thoughts in the comments right here.

Images: NASA


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