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Confirmed: MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH Hosted by Nerdist’s Own Kyle Hill Looks Awesome

There’s no question about it, we were totally bummed out when MythBusters, hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, came to an end after 14 seasons, but as is often the case, when one door closes another one is blown open (well maybe it doesn’t happen that exact way all that often).

That’s why we were equally thrilled when we learned the Science Channel would be bringing back the series with all new hosts, ones they will find through their new reality competition MythBusters: The Search. Today we got a glimpse of what the show has in store for us with its first trailer, featuring the ten skilled contestants who will battle it out to see who has the brains, the know-how, and the outside-the-box thinking necessary to test some of our favorite legends in fun and creative ways.

Of course, there was only one man up to the job of leading those ten on their journey, someone with both the science pedigree and admiration for all things Mythbusters: the show’s host and Nerdist’s very own science editor, Kyle Hill.

If you’re wondering why Entertainment Weekly got a chance to share this trailer before we did, it’s because we still get Kyle. It only seemed fair.

As for the trailer, sharp-eyed fans of the original series will recognize some previous myths that were tested, like whether you can paint an entire room with explosives, and how to find a literal needle in a literal haystack.

Don’t worry, your favorite MythBusters staple isn’t going anywhere. Kyle summed it up best: “boom.”

Mythbusters: The Search will premiere on Saturday, January 7th, at 9 pm eastern, and you can always check out Kyle’s show Because Science, every week here at Nerdist.

What are you most looking forward to with this series (besides seeing the great host of course)? Don’t keep your thoughts a myth, tell us in the comments below.

Image: Kyle Hill

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