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Concept Art Imagines DUNE as an Animated Film

Dune is one of those worlds that can be visited again and again, and you’ll discover new things every time you take another trip to Arrakis. The sentiment applies to the book (it’s one reason why I featured the title in Nerdist Book Club) and the film and television adaptations. Matt Rhodes, lead concept artist at Bioware, got sucked into Frank Herbert’s world last fall and decided to try his hand at bringing the characters to life. He was influenced by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune (well, the documentary about the making of the film that never happened) and Tarsem Singh movies. Of course.

These illustrations, which Matt describes as “clumsy swing at designing the cast of Dune through the lens of Tarsem Singh’s crew,” make me want a lengthy Dune animated movie. Make this happen, universe.

The Atreides/Caladan

The villains

The Fremen/Arrakis

I’m not sure Matt and I have the same definition of clumsy. These depictions of the Atreides and their entourage, the villains, and the Fremen of Arrakis are positively gorgeous. I especially like his take on the stillsuits. They’re still functional but with a little individualized style. And his version of Gurney Halleck with his baliset? So. Very. Perfect. I’m sold.

Matt put a lot of thought into the finished look for each character. Be sure to visit his blog to read more about his ideas for each character.

Would you like to see Dune as an animated film or maybe an animated series? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

HT: Nerd Approved
Images: Matt Rhodes

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