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Complete Your BATMAN FUNKO Collection Thanks to This Handy Gallery

With the upcoming release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the merchandising push has already begun. From t-shirts to posters to even breakfast cereal, the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel are everywhere. When it comes to merchandise licenses in today’s world, no one does it better than Funko. Their Pop Vinyl dolls cover almost the entire realm of TV, movies, video games, and sports. If you like a certain character, there’s a good chance Funko has made a figure of it. That is definitely the case when it comes to Batman. Regardless of which version of the caped crusader is your favorite, Funko probably has it. We’ve compiled a gallery of almost ALL the Batman Funko dolls you can get your hands on so you can complete your collection. Here are a few of this plethora of Bat-Toys.


Here’s the very first Batman Funko. It’s done in his classic Pre-52 Black and Gray outfit.

Batman Flashpoint

This is one of the many variants this figure has spawned. It’s the FlashPoint version of Batman, Thomas Wayne.

Batman 66 Batmobile

Some of the figures also come with vehicles. Here is 1966 Adam West Batman ready to tear up the roads in the classic Batmobile.

Bruce Wayne

There’s no Batman if there’s no Bruce Wayne. Here is the young version of the Dark Knights alter-ego as he is depicted on Gotham.

You can check out the rest of the gallery down below. Now if you know anything about Funko, it’s that they love their special variants. They can be so special that tracking down official pictures of them can be rough. Luckily I have them listed here for the completist in all of us. You can also head over to for some fan-taken pictures of these hard to find toys:

Batman 01 Metallic Variant
Batman 01 San Diego Comic-Con Blue/Gray Variant
Batman 01 San Diego Comic-Con Blue/Gray Metallic Variant
Batman 01 Black/Gray Variant
Batman 01 Black/Gray Metallic Variant
Batman 01 Bobble Head
Batman 01 Metallic Bobble Head
Batman 01 All-Silver Variant
Batman 01 All-Black Variant
Batman 01 All-Gold Variant
Batman 19 Dark Knight Rises San Diego Comic-Con Variant
Batman 41 1966 Metallic Variant
Batman 62 Earth 2 Batman
Batman 65 Joker Batman Loot Crate Exclusive

With this guide, here’s hoping you are now one step closer to getting ALL THE BATMANS. ALL OF THEM. (BATMEN?)

So what do you think? Which of these are your favorite? Was there a super secret variant we may have missed? Let me know on Twitter or have Fun(ko) in the comments below.



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