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Comics Relief: X-O MANOWAR’s Final Issue Gets All-Star Art

Welcome, comic fans, to your Memorial Day weekend edition of Comics Relief. In today’s news, we’ve got more on DC Rebirth, plus news on Gerard Way’s new comic book label. To start things off, however, Valiant Comics’ X-O Manowar is getting a spectacular final issue send-off.  Read on for all the details…

Valiant Celebrates 50 Issues of X-O Manowar with Artist’s Jam Cover

One of Valiant Comics longest running franchises is X-O Manowar, whose current iteration is coming to an end in September with issue #50. But the comic is going out with quite a bang, as Valiant Entertainment is creating a special jam cover for X-O Manowar #50, ending Robert Venditti’s long run on Valliant’s flagship and longest-running title. The cover will feature fifty different artists doing their takes on Aric of Dacia and his alien armor. You can check out the cover below, and for the full name of all the artists involved, check out the following link: [Comics Alliance]

DC Comics Signs Dan Abnett To Exclusive Contract

DC’s big Rebirth issue, which was released this week (read our review!) was a big success for most fans who read it, and now in the wake of the book’s release, DC are getting all their ducks in a row and signing their best and brightest creators to exclusive contracts. First out of the gate is writer Dan Abnett, who will be the Rebirth writer on both Aquaman and Titans.

Abnett has been a busy writer at both Marvel and DC recently, including writing Marvel’s four-issue Civil War II: Gods of War miniseries, which is set to wrap in September. After that, it’s all DCU for Abnett for awhile. In a statement released by DC co-publisher Jim Lee, he said “Dan Abnett is the perfect fit for Aquaman and Titans. He skillfully balances great dialogue and high-octane action, making for great reads every time. DC is excited that he’ll be giving fans more great stories in both books as we enter into our line wide ‘Rebirth’ re-launch in June and beyond.” [Comic Book Resources]

Geoff Johns Talks to DC All Access About Rebirth’s Big Character Comeback

While we’re on the subject of DC Rebirth, you may or may not have heard by now–and if you have not read DC Universe Rebirth #1 yet, I suggest you skip to the next item–but a very beloved hero has returned to the pages of DC Comics after a nearly five-year absence. Now Rebirth writer Geoff Johns is on DC All Access to talk about that character’s comeback, and why he’s so important to the DC Universe. Check out the full video below:

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Gets Coolest Action Figure Variant Cover Ever

Marvel Comics’ action figure variant covers from artist John Tyler Christopher have been a highlight from the publisher over the past few years, and now maybe the coolest of all these variants is coming soon. John Tyler Christopher has created a new landscape style cover for June 22’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #8, which looks like packaging for an oversized dinosaur figure. The cover image includes the nickname “Tyrannosaurus Rad.” The issue is from the creative team of Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare. You can check out the cover image below: [Newsarama]

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Is Having a “Moving Sale” on Ebay

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is moving away from their digs in New York City and heading out to Portland, Oregon. Now the non-profit organization has launched something of a moving sale on eBay to help fund its relocation. Over a dozen pieces of original arts and prints are up for grabs, including artwork by veteran comics artists like Erik Larsen, Dave Johnson, Robbi Rodriguez, Reilly Brown, and Eric Shanower. You can check out the eBay auction page here. [Newsarama]

Video Game Franchise Dishonored Coming to Comics

It’s just been announced that Bethesda Softworks’ popular game franchise Dishonored is coming to comic books in an all new miniseries, thanks to UK publisher Titan Comics. The mini series is set between the original game and November’s upcoming sequel, and the series will continues to follow the bodyguard-turned-assassin Corvo Attano in a throwback industrial setting.

The new series will be written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Andrea Olimpieri and Marcelo Maiolo. Titan Comics’ Dishonored is set to come out in August, with the collected edition then due in November. In September, Titan’s book division will launch the first in a trilogy of prose novels beginning with Dishonored – The Corroded Man by Adam Christopher. For more on this new series, check out our full story at the following link: [Nerdist]

Gerard Way Previews More Young Animal Art

A few weeks back in Comics Relief, we showcased some of the preview art from Gerard Way’s upcoming line of adult-oriented comics from DC called Young Animal. Now, Way has a few more samples of preview art to show off for fans. According to a recent update, Way wrote “what is emerging from each book is the difference in tone — they are all doing their own thing, and it is wonderful. I grow more excited as I see them come together, watching the collective vision of the teams come to life.” You can see the new preview art at Way’s own website. [CBR]

Images: Valiant Entertainment / Marvel Comics / DC Comics / Titan Comics 



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