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Comics Relief: Valiant’s Humble Bundle, Publishers Go DRM-Free, and More

Welcome to the latest installment of Comics Relief, where we relieve you of your comics. Wait, no… that’s not right.

Ahem, thanks for coming by this week’s Comics Relief, where we’ll be rounding up some news about comics (and comics creators) from around the web. Today we’ve got a mess of comics deals, variant covers, and upcoming title launches for your consideration, dear reader.

First up…


Valiant Announces a Massive Humble Comics Bundle

The title says it all, but if you want a big old stack of Valiant comics in a 43-issue bundle for under $9 including the first two volumes of Quantum & Woody and Unity. Plus, the download will include Acclaim’s pretty “eh” Shadowman game from the Acclaim Comics days. The Bundle benefits Doctors Without Borders, and you could do worse when looking for a cause to support unless you’re weirdly into Ebola.

For anything above the average, you can nab another 34 issues including Bloodshot and Eternal Warrior.

[via Valiant]


A Mess of Publishers go DRM-free on comiXology

Speaking of Valiant, the publisher joins IDW and others in going DRM-free on the digital comics platform this week. The move allows users to share their comics purchases between devices we continue ambling through this weird era of digital content being delivered as a good but often getting treated as a service.

The Beat has a full rundown on which other publishers joined the initiative.

[via The Beat]


First Two Volumes of Monster-fighting Manga World Trigger Launches in October

When aliens start attacking the Earth, it will take the forces of the organization Border to steal their tech and fight back. That’s the premise of the sci-fi buddy action series World Trigger.

The book is from Super Dog creator Daisuke Ashihara, and the first two volumes will launch digitally and in print on October 7 from Viz.

[via Viz]


Peepo Choo Creator Felipe Smith Horses Around With Translucid Variant Cover

The final issue of Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert’s Translucid is out this week, and it got a variant cover from artist and Ninja Turtles animator Felipe Smith. Feast your eyes on the fury of The Horse!

[via Felipe Smith]


Tom Tomorrow Takes on the War on Terror. No, the Other One.

The creator of This Modern World pokes fun at the latest rush to war in this week’s strip. Hey, remember Get Your War On? That strip was great.

Read the rest of this week’s strip at The Nation.

[via The Nation]

A Book I Couldn’t Put Down

One comics writer explains his most embarrassing encounter with an editor.

Now. In my memory, what follows is exactly what Dan Vado said to me about my comic submission, but I’m willing to accept that I might be misphrasing it, capturing the essence and the effect of the moment more than the actual word-for-word quote. I feel this is what he said to me, but it might have been something different – similar, but not exactly this. I can promise you, though, the sentiment is about right, even if I’m misremembering it. Here’s what he said. He said “Oh yeah, Jeremy … I hated that book!”

[via Calamity Jon]

What do you make of today’s top stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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