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Comics Relief: Superman Sells Out, DOOM PATROL Animated Shorts, and BAD PARENTING ADVICE

I’m hoping some of you are getting out and about for the long holiday weekend. If not, stay in and read some comics. Or whatever – I’m not the boss of you.

Or am I?

Regardless of who’s in charge, comics things are happening, and we’ve got them all right here for your perusal:

The Doom Patrol on DC Nation

Hey, cool – DC Nation will be airing new shorts based on The Doom Patrol. Oh god, I love the calm little “oh hell” moment when Elasti-Woman has to take over the flight stick.

It looks like they’re going for more of a ’70s Saturday morning cartoon vibe than, you know, the complicated, sexually and narratively challenging stuff out of Grant Morrison in the ’90s. KIDS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BROTHERHOOD OF DADA!

[via Bleeding Cool]

It’s Eleanor Davis Week at The Comics Journal


The illustrator blends anxiety and minimalism in biographical strips about the trials and travails of making money from your art.

[Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five]

Superman is so money in Canada

…and I’m so sorry about that headline. Superman will be featured in a collection of commemorative coins dedicated to some of his classic covers. Values range from $10 to $100.

[via Robot 6]

The Edward Scissorhands Podcast

The creative team behind the upcoming IDW Edward Scissorhands sequel comic join the Fanboy Comics gang to talk about the sequel to the Tim Burton film.

[via Fanboy Comics]

Preview: James Harvey’s Masterplasty One-Shot

Image has a short and sweet preview of illustrator/writer James Harvey’s print debut, Masterplasty up on their site. The one-shot features a people affected by a new medical procedure which ” drastically modifies the physical appearance of the human body in ways both beautiful and hideous.”

Harvey’s body horror book will be on shelves in an oversized edition on October 1.


[via Image Comics]

Marvel Announces Avengers Novel, Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Dan Abnett is writing the 2015 release Avengers: Everbody Wants to Rule the World. The book will feature the MCU Avengers lineup, with villains like A.I.M. and the High Evolutionary showing up to give Earth’s Mightiest Heroes some trouble.

[via Marvel]

Preview: Guy Delisle’s Even More Bad Parenting Advice

You know, for when you’re kid is “tired”: Guy Delisle offers Even More Bad Parenting Advice in this preview of the Drawn and Quarterly release.

[via Sequential Pulp]

Read Asaf Hanuka’s A Complicated Question

Speaking of parents, Israeli cartoonist Asaf Hanuka answers A Complicated Question in this short strip about explaining the hard realities of the world to kids. It’s gentle, not at all polemic (whatever side you fall on in the Israel/Palestine conflict), and is absolutely, positively worth your time.

[A Complicated Question]

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