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Comics Relief: SPIDER-VERSE Rocks Out, Gilbert Hernandez on BUMPERHEAD, The Need for Humor in Comics, and More

Welcome back comic fans, and comic Stans to the latest installment of Comics Relief, proudly presented in Comic Sans. [Editor’s note: We would never do that to you.]

Today, we look at music inspired by comics, comics inspired by life in Southern California, and Wendigos inspired by the Wendigo. Without further ado…

The Mary Janes Invade Our Reality With Garage Rock

The Waco, TX-based Married With Sea Monsters just made the song which opens Edge of Spider-Verse #2 a real thing. Now if only someone out there would decide to make Spider-Gwen a thing on a more permanent basis, that would be great.

[via Comics Alliance]

Don’t Buy Books From Outlaw Press


The publisher has history of selling role playing manuals from other studios as their own. Their latest victim: Rarr I’m A Monster Publishing, whose latest RPG manual (which you can purchase here) has ended up on the OLP site.

[via Bleeding Cool]

Why Humor is Important at Marvel


The publisher’s Editor-in-Chief, Axel Alonso calls humor integral to the Marvel formula. Consider this a direct counterpoint to the possibly-maybe real mandate at WB that their DC movies go “no jokes.”

The money quote:

Humor reveals humanity better than anything else. Whether it’s Tony Stark asserting his Alpha Male status with his rat-a-tat wit, Steve Rogers leaning waaaaaay into his goody-two-shoes image, or Black Widow yawning her way through an insanely dangerous op — the Avengers are defined by, and loved for, their personalities, not their powers.

[via Comic Book Resources]

Superman’s New Threads


Artist J. Bone tried to find a more solar-friendly suit for Superman to soak in the rays. As you can see, some of his fellow Justice Leaguers aren’t happy with the new look.

[via J. Bone]

The Gamer and the Gold Farmer: an Excerpt From In Real Life


Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang’s graphic novel In Real Life is out next month, and publisher Tor has a 20 page excerpt up. The book follows a 12-year-old girl who becomes immersed in the world of an MMO, but finds her adventures complicated when she meets a poor Chinese kid in-game who makes a living doing the grueling (and illegal) in-game job of gold farming.

[Tor via Boing Boing]

Just Talkin’ Bout Bumperhead


Gilbert Hernandez talks about his latest project, Bumperhead with comics critic J. Caleb Mozzoco. While the book isn’t exactly autobiographical, Hernandez reveals some of the real elements from his life that make it into the new graphic novel.

[via Las Vegas Weekly]

Captain America Solves the Wendigo Problem


In this preview from Amazing X-Men #11, Captain America figures out the way to solve Canada’s Wendigo curse: by shoving them into America. See the full preview at Newsarama.

[via Newsarama]

What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Marvel

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