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Comics Relief: ORPHAN BLACK Rules the Sales Charts, WONDER WOMAN and SUPERMAN Get New Looks, & the ’90s X-MEN Return

Welcome to the weekend edition of Comics Relief! In today’s edition, we have some good news for all of you children of the ’90s out there, as the animated X-Men are set to make a comeback. Also, Superman and Wonder Woman make questionable fashion choices (where’s Tim Gunn when you need him?) and the Squadron Supreme return. But first, a British clone/single mom manages to beat Darth Vader, Spider-Man and Batman for dominance on the comics sale charts. You go, girl!

Orphan Black Beats Darth Vader AND Batman In February’s Comics Charts

While it wasn’t on many reader’s radar in a major way, it looks like the #1 selling comic for the month of February wasn’t Star Wars, Batman or anything else you might have expected, but IDW’s first issue of their adaptation of BBC America’s Orphan Black. Marvel Comics had reported earlier that Darth Vader #1 saw pre-orders in excess of 300K, and that book came in at #2, just to give you an idea how huge the first issue of Orphan Black actually was. Apparently, Orphan Black #1 got something of a boost in sales due to being included as part of March’s Loot Crate haul. In a sign that comics featuring female leads can indeed sell, also in the top 10 for February were Spider-Gwen #1 and Silk #1. [Comic Book Resources]

The Classic Animated X-Men Team Return in X-Men ’92

For a whole generation of fans, the early ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series that ran on Fox Kids was their entry point into the team, and the Marvel Universe in general. While the show had terrible animation (seriously, re-watch some of those now, it’s pretty bad) the episodes were pretty faithful to the comic stories, and got a lot of kids into reading comics.

Now, that iteration of the team is set to make a comeback as a digital first series called X-Men ’92, with Scott Koblish providing art, and co-writing duties being shared by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims, who both grew up as major fans of the animated show. Of course, like all things Marvel these days, this will be tied into Secret Wars, so maybe we’ll see 90’s cartoon X-Men vs. Grant Morrison era X-Men or something wacky like that. [Polygon]

Superman & Wonder Woman Get New Costumes…. Again.

In June’s DC solicitations, we got our first glimpse at new costumes for both Superman and Wonder Woman, and judging from the internet reactions so far, pretty much everyone hates them. First off, didn’t Superman JUST get another “new costume”? Why the Superboy t-shirt and jeans look? That one’s probably not going to last, so I’m not to worried about it. However, Wonder Woman’s new David Finch designed costume is just a hot mess. While I’m thrilled that her bright, classic color scheme is back, everything else is wrong. Why does she have thigh high boots over a pair of pants? What’s with the giant “V” flap over her crotch? Why is she wearing her classic “bathing suit” over a black body suit? And for Athena’s sake, why the horrible blades coming out of her bracelets like she’s some forgotten Image Comics character from 1995?? Just give her back the New 52 Cliff Chiang designed look WITH the classic, bright colors (Wonder Woman isn’t meant to be a somber character at all) and we’re good DC. [Hitfix]

Will Superman’s Secret ID Be Exposed To World Come June?

Speaking of Superman, is another part of June’s DC re-launch going to be Superman’s identity of Clark Kent being exposed to the world? We already know he just told his pal Jimmy Olsen his true identity in one of the most recent issues of Superman, but how long before some villain tortures than information out of poor Jimmy? And is that why we’re getting yet another costume change so soon? Certainly the cover for June’s issue of Superman seems to suggest that cat will be out of the bag. The real question is this: Will Superman’s exposed identity last as long or longer than Peter Parker’s did? [Bleeding Cool]

Archie Comics Releases Series of Variant Covers For All-New Archie #1

As we reported a few weeks back, Archie Andrews is getting a relaunch in July, with an all-new Archie #1 from creators Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, after a previous run of 666 issues. Now, Archie Comics has revealed a series of variant covers for the first issue, provided by artists such as Jerry Ordway, Tania Del Rio, Genevieve F.T.,Ron Salas, Greg Scott & Steve Downer, Brittney Williams, and T. Rex & Andre Szymanowicz. Check out the variant covers for Archie in our gallery below: [Comics Alliance]

Marvel’s Very Own Justice League, The Squadron Sinister, Set to Return in July

The latest book to get announced by Marvel this week under the Secret Wars banner is the return of the Squadron Sinister, in a new self-titled book this June under the Warzones! banner. Written by Mark Guggenheim with Carlos Pacheco on art, Squadron Sinister will follow the team of villains, who debuted way back in the 1960’s as a group of Justice League analogues to fight the Avengers, as they rule a new Battleworld zone, called Utopolis. The Squadron Sinister (also known as the Squadron Supreme) had yet another version of themselves recently, in Marvel’s adult skewing MAX title Supreme Power. According to Guggenheim, we’ll be seeing this version square off against the Supreme Power version as well;  “I’m a big fan of the Supreme Power versions that were done a number of years ago so I thought, let’s not hold off. Let’s immediately have the Squadron Sinister fight the Supreme Power group.” [Newsarama]

Alex Toth’s Classic Horror Comics To Be Collected By Dark Horse In July

The late legendary comic book artist Alex Toth was maybe best known for his animated creation Space Ghost. But Toth also drew several horror comics back in the day, which the good folks at Dark Horse comics are collecting in July. The publisher is collecting stories Toth illustrated from the classic horror anthologies Creepy and Eerie in a new collection titled Creepy Presents Alex Toth. The collection contains 21 comic short stories did on his own , as well as some he produced with other creators such as Archie Goodwin, Carmine Infantino and Doug Moench, and is scheduled for release on July 1. [Newsarama]


Got a favorite comics news story this week that’s got you especially jazzed? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. John Smith says:

    It could just be me, but I find Sup’s look just a lil’ Wolvie-like…

  2. Kyle Jones says:

    I am a longtime fan of Wonder Woman and DC Comics in general. I don’t have a problem with Superman’s new look because it reminds me of Conner Kent’s (last) Superboy look.  HOWEVER, while I am glad to see the return of the gold to Wonder Woman’s costume (along with the red and white boots)…this is – as the writer said – a HOT mess!