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Comics Relief: New Frank Miller Art From DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE

It’s the calm before the storm that is New York Comic Con, but we here at Comics Relief still have plenty of news to tide you comic book diehards over, at least until the inevitable deluge of news and announcements coming from the con this weekend, including some new art from the upcoming third part of DC Comics’ Dark Knight trilogy from original creator Frank Miller himself. Read on for all the details….

DC Previews More Frank Miller Art from Dark Knight III

Although still over a month and a half away, DC’s hype machine for Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race is going at full speed, and DC has released more variant covers and images from the series. Writer Frank Miller, who isn’t providing interior art for the main series (that honor goes to Andy Kubert this time), is providing art for a Dark Knight universe set mini-comic featuring the Atom, who appears to be fighting Superman (again with the Superman as a tool, Miller?). DC has also released a wraparound variant cover featuring Batman for issue #1 of the series, which is really striking, even if Batman looks kind of like an angry ferret. You can check out Miller’s Atom mini-comic cover featuring Superman below, and his variant for issue #1 in the featured image above. [Newsarama]

Sin City: The Hard Goodbye: Curator’s Collection Coming in 2016

Speaking of Frank Miller, arguably his second most famous work after The Dark Knight Returns is Sin City, his multi-series crime/noir opus, which he began way back in 1993. Now publisher Dark Horse Comics has announced that a new edition of Frank Miller’s Sin City in a deluxe format for next year. Frank Miller’s Sin City: The Hard Goodbye Curator’s Collection will collect the first volume of stories originally told in Dark Horse Presents, in similar format to IDW’s oversized Artist’s Editions. This new edition will be scanned from Miller’s original artwork and printed at full size — 15″ by 21.5″.

Says Frank Miller of his original comic, “The Hard Goodbye was my first crack at writing and drawing a comic book with total freedom. I am grateful to Mike Richardson and Dark Horse for helping make it such a big success. You can now see my work warts and all. You can see just how many mistakes I actually made!”

This new edition will also include a new interview with Miller, as well as an introduction from the Sin City’s film’s co-director Robert Rodriguez and a prologue by Dark Horse President/Publisher Mike Richardson. It’s due to come out in June of 2016. [Newsarama]

Dark Horse Announces That All Their Comics Will Finally Be Available via ComiXology

While we’re on the subject of Dark Horse Comics, For years now, Dark Horse has been releasing their digital comics via their own app. Fans of digital comics can now rejoice, as Dark Horse has finally announced that all their comics will be available on Comixology, as well as four other platforms, including Kindle, Google Play, iBooks, and Nook.

All releases will be released simultaneously in print and digital. This past June, Dark Horse made its graphic novel line-up available via ComiXology, and according to publisher Mike Richardson, “the sales have been incredible.” Some 2,000 single issues are available now on ComiXology and Amazon’s Kindle Store from Dark Horse, including Fight Club 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Goon, Hellboy and a whole lot more. [Comics Beat]

Power Man & Iron Fist Ready to Team-up Again in New Series

Although introduced originally as solo characters leading their own features, Luke Cage and Iron Fist found long term success as a team, starting in the seventies in their team-up title Power Man and Iron Fist. Now the “heroes for hire” are becoming a team once again for a new ongoing series, from the creative team of David Walker (Cyborg) and Sanford Greene (Runaways).

Of the pair, writer Walker said, “That particular duo, they’re so iconic. As a writer, you love interesting characters, and those two characters are so fun to delve into. They are the ultimate bromantic couple.” According to Marvel’s Jake Thomas, “Expect some solid, old-school Marvel characters — both enemies and allies like, say, Tombstone and Black Mariah—to show up.” The new Power Man and Iron Fist series doesn’t have a release date yet, but expect it in the early part of 2016. For more on this new book, click on our story here.

Cassandra Cain Returns to the DC Universe

One of the last big holdouts of characters missing since DC started the New 52 was Cassandra Cain, the one-time Batgirl, who took the mantle for a period in the early 2000’s, prior to Stephanie Brown taking the role. She eventually became the Black Bat, but then vanished with the pre-Flashpoint DCU continuity.

Well, after four years, Cassandra Cain is now on her way back; only a few hours before the release of Batman & Robin Eternal #1 this week, the cover to the weekly series’ third issue leaked on Reddit, which showed the former Batgirl in action (although clearly not as any kind of “bat” related character…. at least not yet). Will DC give Cassandra Cain fans a version of the character they recognize, or will this be Donna Troy situation all over again, and she’s brought back in name only? We’ll find out in two weeks when Batman & Robin Eternal #3 hits store shelves. [Comic Book]

Viz Media Launches Naruto App

To coincide with this weekend’s upcoming New York Comic Con, where Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto will be appearing, Viz Media is launching a dedicated Naruto app that will offer a chapter of the series every day for free, and each chapter will be free for seven days following. The app will sync with the VizManga digital comics platform, and users who buy one or more volumes of Naruto on either digital service this month will also get a bundle that includes the original pilot chapter Kishimoto created for the series, plus all other kinds of extras Naruto fans will love. Viz will also be offering discounts on individual volumes during the month of October, with the first five volumes selling for just $1.99 each. [Robot 6]

Surprise New Free Jessica Jones Comic Shows Up n ComiXology

Jessica Jones, who was created by Brian Michael Bendis for his series Alias some fifteen years back, is about to make the crossover into television with a new series premiering soon on Netflix. To celebrate, Marvel Comics has released a surprise new Jessica Jones one-shot by Jessica’s creators. The 12-page book, which also features Daredevil, is available as a free download right now on ComiXology.

On his Tumblr, Brian Bendis wrote, “I am so excited to give you a brand new Jessica Jones comic for free. It is in the Marvel TV universe and it celebrates the new show and the connective tissue that will build between the series. And a big thank you to all of you for your support, excitement, and enthusiam for Jessica and everything else.”

Is this a preview for a more long term return of Jessica Jones to her own ongoing title from her original creators? Only time will tell. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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