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Comics Relief: Mom, Where Does the Spectre Come From?

Welcome to the latest installment of Comics Relief, America’s number one resource for Marmaduke news.

Everyone seems to be getting all retrospective lately: Comics Alliance offers up a history of The Spectre while The Comics Journal tells you everything you need to know about the late, great illustrator Edward Gorey. And what’s the deal with the Y: The Last Man movie?

Nothing much, apparently.

The Y: The Last Man is Dead

The movie, that is. Director Dan Trachtenberg tweeted that he’s off the adaptation of Brian K. Vahughan and Pia Guerra’s comic. Which is probably for the best because could you imagine something like five years of serial mystery being crammed into a couple of two-hour movies?

[via Badass Digest]


A Whole Lotta Aliens

Dark Horse is offering up a massive Aliens digital comics bundle for $60. Some pretty hot minis here like the goofy Mondo Heat from Henry Gilroy and Ronnie Del Carmen, or the Mike W. Barr/Beau Smith collabo Headhunters (with art by Gene Colan and Gray Morrow, no less). There’s like 2600 pages of comics here.

Alternately, you can download individual series and singles from the Aliens for half off.

[via Dark Horse Digital]


Wrath of God 101

Chris Sims provides a brief history of the living embodiment of the wrath of God in the DC Universe/green booties enthusiast, The Spectre. Sims looks at not only his fictional history but how the supernatural character became a casualty of the Comics Code.

[via Comics Alliance]


A Brief History of Gorey

R.C. Harvey takes a look at the life and technique of illustrator and cartoonist Edward Gorey. Warning: you’ll probably want to buy some of his collected works after reading this.

[via The Comics Journal]


Consider That Armor Hunted, Yo [Spoilers]

Valiant Editor-in-Chief and writer Robert Venditti tease out the aftermath of the publisher’s Armor Hunters event along with the company’s crossover strategy. Venditti on one of the major bits of fallout from the story:

“It establishes a limitation on a character like Aric, a character like Malgam, or anyone else who would choose to wear the armor. The healing capability is still there, but you’re going to lose a little piece of yourself. So that’s something that will certainly come into play. It is a cure in the sense that it has stopped the replication process, but it does not repair the damage that was already done.”

[via Newsarama]

The Legend of Harley Quinn

Brian Cronin’s Comic Book Legends explores the true origin story of Harley Quinn, who, it turns out, is the result of a little too much daytime TV and a bad dream sequence.

“When Dini was working on Batman the Animated Series, he came up with the idea of the Joker having a female sidekick. Dini has said that he was specifically influenced by an episode of Days of Our Lives featuring a dream sequence where Sorkin dressed up as a court jester.”

[via Comic Book Resources]


A Gotham Primer

Sure, the show’s already made its debut, but Graeme McMillan had some thoughts about books you might want to read if you’re planning on sticking around for the reference-packed Gotham on Fox. He explains the appeal of Gotham Central:

“A grounded procedural that took a serious swing at answering the question How can the legal system operate in a city where Batman fights costumed crooks every night of the week?” Gotham Central remains a highlight of DC’s overall output over the last few decades.”

[via Wired]

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